Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's day

February the 14th. The most people deny it, but secretly, most of us thinks Valentine’s Day is still exciting. Do you still remember the beautiful time on the secondary school, when you were only fourteen years old? Suddenly there were love letters and cars in every school locker (except mine) and people started to dating. But what can we do to make something special of Valentine’s Day this year? Time to surprise your boy- or girlfriend with something special on this beautiful day!

Don't know what to give the love of your life? Some ideas for you.

This wil do her work. Trust me, chocolat ánd champagne? Oyeah.
For the romantics
Admit it. You would melt if your love gives you these flowers.

Now every girl knows he belongs to you.

I can make him the happiest boy in the world with these one's.

Soccerball! Not that he can actually play soccer with this one. But hey, who cares?

With a photo of you two as a couple, or your dog, or your cat. It's all possible.

Sexy Valentine Lingerie yeah. Maybe this is the best present to make him happy, and change
his thoughts about Valentine's Day.

Put your presents in this Valentine box to make it even more romantic.

Maybe a better present for you from him.

Night at the hotel. Sweet memories.
Massage for both of you. Just relax.
Ehhl.. something for everyone.
Love couple photoshoot.

Sleep well my love.
Write your baby boo a love card.

Maybe this goes a little too far, but if you reaaally want to make your boy happy,
this (+soccer tickets) is the way to do it. He'll never think of leaving you anymore.
Dinner for two please. I pay (ouch, but it's really romantic).
'No, I don't like men... My girlfriend gave this to me as a present on Valentine's Day'. He'll still love you, though.

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