Friday, February 10, 2012

hairdresser comes this way!

After a couple of months my hair need some maintenance! This time, the upperlayer is going to be blonde like always and my underlayer (dark)brown. And unfortunately, my dead hairends should also be cut :( And that means: the hairdresser is going to cut almost all my hair off. Wééhh.
Here are some of my inspirations:

If you do have more of these kind of inspirations (blonde with brown hair) send me the link!
I would like to have some more pictures! 


  1. Aaaah my hairends must also be cut. I'll go to my haircutter (haha, I don't know the English word for it, sry) next Saturday. I hope she won't cut too much, because I want long hair :(

  2. Haha you just have to say it a couple times: Not to much please, I want long hair. It helped for me :P The woman is almost scared to touch my hair. Let me know what the end result is like.

  3. love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!