Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trip to New-Zealand

Ayeah. Ayeah. No school, no rain while it's summer, my plan is going to New-Zealand for about six months after I passed my school exams. At least, I hope I pass my exams.
My uncle , aunt and cousins (see their blog: Our emigration to New-Zealand) live there for three years now, in the North island in Napier. I'm so excited! I stay there to work and enjoy of the beautiful weather of course. And a good way to improve my English! And o,my,god, it's on the other side of the world (from Holland). It's my first time flying. (It's 24 hours traveling) First I'm flying to Singapore, and then I take a domestic flight to Napier. But still I can imagine how it would feel to leave my family and friends here. AND my boyfriend. It's would be definitely hard. When I passed my exams, I'm going to do all the passpoort and visa stuff. But now I'm already looking forward to it!
And did you know that there live more people in Holland (16.669.112) than in New-Zealand (4.290.347)? While New Zealand has a surface of 270.534 km² and the Netherlands only 41.528 km2(inclusive 18% water!). We are fucking genious.


  1. wauw, so jealous!
    I would totally want to
    go to New-Zealand. How awesome
    that you've got family living there:)
    that's something i can only dream of...
    Sure it will be hard if you have a boyfriend,
    but you have to take this opportunity with both
    hands, i guess ;)
    I'm following you!

    1. Thankyou girl! Yes I know I have to take this opportunity, but it's still hard. TI suppose it's going to be a lot of Skyping!

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