Sunday, December 25, 2011


An amazing christmas and beautiful, happy and healthy new year to everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Learn English

So people, if you want to practice your English, just create your own blog in that particular language just like I do. I keep my English schoolbooks with me while I’m typing to pay attention on the grammar. And surprise surprise! Now you also can  learn Dutch! Good luck!

Oh, and by the way, I tried to learn a bit from the Russian language because a friend of mine is Russian, but this is just impossible for me. Try it yourselves.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Healthy hair

What?! But how... Please girl give me your hair right NOW.

Must have: top 5 android apps

Top 5 applications for your android smartphone you must have.

1.            Wordfeut (FREE)
Bert Heussen IT

Suddenly everyone played Wordfeut, so I thought I should download it too. Wordfeut ad me, the first days I was playing Wordfeut all the time.

Wordfeut is a fun multiplayer game where you must create and place words on the board and earn points for placing letters on the high score Double letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word.  
Also available for Iphone.

2.            WhatsApp Messenger (FREE)

I personally highly recommend this one! You’ll save a lot of money if you use WhatsApp Messenger instead of sending normal text messages.

WhatsApp is also available for Blackberry, Iphone, Windows Phone, and Nokia phones. You can join group chats, send images, videos, and Voice notes to your contacts and more.

3.            Angry Birds (FREE)

Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' fortresses! I recommend this one on fast smartpones cause mine isn’t fast at all and then it is just not fun to play.  

Angry Birds is fun to play because of the many different episodes.  Warning: playing Angry Birds can make you addicted to it. You can also download Angry Birds Rio and Seasons.

4.            Shazam (FREE)

Imagine: you are shopping and try to fit those lovely shoes with enormous heels. Suddenly, you’re hearing that fucking awesome unknown song where you wanted to know the name of for like two weeks. Well, take your smartphone out of your pocket, start Shazam and you are finished!

Shazam identified music immediately so tag as much as you want to! You can buy the music that you’ve indentified in your tag list. I also use it to remember music I like and download it on my Vaio

5.            Sexy Time – Vibrator (FREE)

Guess what I just found. A vibrator on your smartphone! Well.. it’s a bit strange. Honestly  I don’t really know what to think about this… Little strange but hey, It’s to you all to try!

Whether you're in the mood for something intense like the "Washing Machine" or possibly something more gentle, like the "Fluffy Bunny" this app has it. Also there is music and themes included.

Well girls (or.. maybe boys)  enjoy!

Monday, December 05, 2011


Example of a blackberry addict. Just like 99% of the people in the whole whide world.

My sister has just had one. (She is on another planet right now, called smartphone planet. I lost her forever.) What's wrong with my HTC :( ?

Blondes versus Brunettes

These two  are each other’s adversaries for ages and now still straggle to earn the first place. Some company’s felt there was some money to earn in this business. Trademark AndrĂ©lon produced blonde and brown shampoo.  In the care section of supermarkets and chemist’s shops you felt de tension. You saw one brown shampoo standing in front of the blonde shampoo and back. Also some people saw a chance to fight against Alzheimer  and they started the website But which of these two hair colors is the really best?

Blond hair

This fresh light kind of color hair is especially  seen as sexy and hot (and stupid, which is absolutely untrue!) . Blond is rare these days, the number of natural blondes is lower than the number of brunettes. Less than 5% actually (and I’m one of them! I’m rare, hurray!). Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson are all natural blondes, even Paul walker (hot hot hot).  That’s why many girls (or boys of course) dye their hair blonde. Steve Jones, professor of genetics, says that the blonde gene will disappear. And researchers of the World Healt Organization claim that there will be no blondes left after 2202. But don’t worry, because according to Rudyard Kipling maybe the gene can be build in humans who wants this in the future with genetic developments.  A disadvantanage of being a natural blonde: you will get grey hair sooner. 
- Blondes have 140.000 hairs
-56% of the men chooses blonde as his favorite hair color.
-40% of the woman dyes her hair blonde
-In Iceland, blonde people earn less money than people with other hair colors
- when women dye their hair lighter, they have been proven to go out more and to feel more confident and youthful

Brown hair
Good news for the brunettes:  the modern man will rather chose a intelligent brunette than a neurotic blonde.  Brown hair is the second most common human hair color, black hair is the most common. Brown hair is especially seen as stable, serious and sophisticated.  Brunette literally means
"little brown-haired girl" or "young brown-haired woman".  Probably it’s also less popular than blonde (can’t find a dutch wikipedia-page for brown hair). Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian  are all born with beautiful brown hair. Although Kim dyed her hair blond for a little while, she prefers brown hair instead of blonde.  And when you look around, you can see that the most people have brown hair. Be proud of your own hair color!
Research has shown that raters perceive women with dark hair to be more intelligent at a first meeting.
Some of the most famous "blondes" in the past century were in fact brunettes: Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot.
-Brunettes have 110.000 hairs

Celebs who dyed their hair:
Kim Kardashian

Ashley Tisdale

Nicole Richie

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Musthaves: striking top 5.

Ofcourse you also want to look classy this winter, that's why I put together this top 5 for you.
(Maybe this look taste like shit to you, not my problem.) Go ahead and take a look to this classy, sexy and colorful TOP 5.

Musthave 1: The pink blazer.
This candylike (I probably wouldn't eat though) pink blazer where you get used to first, actually is a really musthave these days. Winter colors are usually dark, like brown, green, orange and black. But things changed. This season winter colors exist of bright colors, like this blazer. You will stand out between all those bored autumncolordressed human beings for sure. Also the red colored blazer is doing well among (the fashionable) girls. I recommend this one!

Musthave 2: Feather earrings
You see them everywhere: feathers. Earrings, neckless, extensions, all with feathers and you can gain them everywhere. Also a colorful example. It makes me smile again.

Musthave 3: The sailor hat
For this one you need courage to wear it. And not only to wear it at home on your room when nobody sees, also at school and awesome party's. How brilliant would it be if you walk in a club with this cap and the rest of the people are dressed... without a cap. Well.. cool isn't it?

Musthave 4: Pink lips
Take Nicki Minaj, pink lips everywhere (pink hair too by the way if you didn't noticed).
Pink is hot again, and even brighter than the pink color in this example. Pink lipstick makes you feel sexy and look fresh and feminine. Maybe you get the British accent too (exept if you already have it).

Musthave 5: The black glasses
Now you can do what you always wanted to do: wear glasses... without the glasses!
It isn't weard of nerdy anymore to wear hudge black glasses (It isn't that sexy anymore if we see ourselves back about ten year on pictures where the glasses covered your whole face) and especially the Ray Ban is the number one right now.
But for now: enjoy! 

Favorite hairdo's: Ponytails

I can tell you that i'm really obsessed with hair.
So especially for you my six favorite ponytails!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tips to make you feel better

Ofcourse, on the internet you can find hundreds of pages with advice of 'how to live your life' and 'Feel happy in ten days'. This is not the way i'm going to do it. Because I already have been trough a lot the last couple of years and with my experience I want to help if you feel down. For clarity: i'm not a psychologist and i'm alsno not God. Oh and people, if you understand none of what i'm saying, send me a message. Comments are welcome. Even I can use some advice sometimes.

If you feel down:
-You should always have a goal in sight. This helps you easier to working towards it.
-Do not become lonely. Ofcourse you have to make some time for yourself, but also allow yourself a fun time with friends. Don't say no all the time. Say yes for a change.

-Keep talking to the people around you, especially your loved ones. Talk till you drop
-If you have a lover, don't be with him all the time. Yes, boyfriends needs some attention and kisses, but really girl don't let your friends down. They notice it fast enough if you and your boyfriend break up and suddenly you want to see your friends again. Also, having fun with your girls and act crazy can help to make you feel better.

-If you've been trough something bad, you really have to allow yourself to talk about it, think about it and don't put your thoughts aside. Also don't feel stupid about how you feel.

-In these situations you get to know your best friends. Sometimes this isn't fun, but it also has positive aspects. If it happens that you lost a friend, please don't walk after her and lick her ass.(That's how we say it in Dutch.)
-Hug your pets.

-Don't give up. Life goes on, get a job and get to learn new people
-Listen to your favourite music and remember amazing moments.
-Save some money so that you can buy yourself a present.


No, not like this. Do it like the second picture. Go ahead and smile!


This morning I walked into school and my first thought was: 'Oh my god, what have I done?'
You know, I think every girl wanst to be a trendsetter, that people are jealous at your clothes and they are going to wear the exact same outfit. But today I wasn't that proud at myself as a trendsetter.
Because.. I LOVE animals. They are just so cute and innocent. Two years ago I bought myself a jacket with a hudge enormous big fur collar on it. I hoped It wasn't real fur. Thought maybe fur was a little more.. expensive. Now winter has come, I started to wear this jacket again.  I walked into school and felt classy and sexy. Girls laughed at my jacket because my fur was complete the whole schoolyard. People almost had to walk around me. Every time I weared this thug jacket, I realised it wasn't fake fur and I began to feel guilty. Also the fur really felt like my cats who I really love. They are like my babies. I decided to take off the animal of my jacket forever. Yes, that feels good. Animal lover.
But then... when I walked into school this morning..
It was unbelievable. Almost every girl who looks like a sort of barbie and even wants to look more like the doll, weared a hudge fucking big fur on their jacket! I have never felt more guilte before.
Ok... it doesn't look exactly like this. Damn you barely can see her face trough that hole.
But this is how it looks like in my thoughts. Just nothing else but fur. And.. that white cocoon curtain around her body. HUDGEEEE. Now, the only solution is to wear something else hudge big and thug which is not made of an innocent creature. Ideas?
The worst of all is when I asked girls why they wear fur and if they feel guilty about it. The answer was clear: 'Guilty? How can you ever feel guilty about it? Its dead already so that's a reason to wear it.'
I couldn't believe what I heared. Stupid sluts. Yes, I weared one to but I also felt bad and guilty about it all the time! I'm not as numb as they are.
Cats and dogs and birds and every other animal in the world are worth as much as we are. They have as much right to be here as we do!
Another wise lesson.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fucking busy days

Yeah, and that's how it is!
Life has become very busy. And tonight, the four long hours that I had to work, I sat down on an inhuman adjustable black office chair  (And from now on, you all know how my chair at work looks like), thinking about my daily activities. This is what came out:
-Spending time on my mobile, and be mad at it because typing and chatting on that thing goes way too slow.
-Spending time on my mobile, and laugh because my best friend just text me while she is sitting next to me in class.
-Spending time on my mobile, and dancing on a pink cloud. Just love my boyfriend so much (...most of the time)
-Do my homework.......................................................... blogging.
-Laugh at my own (I think it looks pathetic. Sometimes I think how funny it would be to look back myself on a hidden camera doing stuff that's just embarrassing.)
-Boyfriend. Yeah, he deserves my attention too sometimes.
-Watching tv.
-Blogging. @#$#$% --> realise it's almost twelf o'clock and I have  to get up really early tomorrow morning. Why? See the next point.
-School. This is the culprit of my lack of free time.
-Sing to my cats (ahw they are so cute).
-Let my dog out and watch him...her, poop. People always looking at her, she is really ugly and it's not a lie. I will post a photo of her soon, so you all can watch her lovely cute ugly face. But I love her.
 Have you ever thought of how you spend your time? My results are shocking.

Now I'm really going to sleep.

Just a little introduction

Good afternoon people (at least for me it's afternoon. maybe some of you are still sleeping or ..something like that)

Hurray for the very first time I've started a blog! (beside a horrible Winx elves whatever blog which I made when I was like eight years old)
Ever since I was a child I did have fun writing. Writing in your diary about how stupid your mother is that you are not allowed to chatting with your friends anymore that day. And that you have to stay home to do your homework because the teacher called to say how bad your grades were.
And the mistake that you made to left your diary on the table in the livin room so that your lovely mother can read all the feeling that you expressed on that simple white paper (or pink with hearts and flowers and glitters like mine at that time).

Anyway, two things that you have to know about me before you read my hundreds of topics:
-I suffer from a wonderful thing. That thing ensures that you can get bad grades. It also ensures that you lose your keys like almost every day! You're searching under your bed, on the kitchen table (?), everywere! You are searching for hours but in the end... they were in your hand.. all the fucking time.
Another example and one of the most striking feature of the 'thing' were i'm suffering from:
It all begins in your bedroom. Or living room. Or wherever you want it to start. You are finally doing your homework, BUT... you need a pencil sharpener (I say this right?). So, you walk to your bedroom to get it. On the way to your bedroom, you see that the trash needs to be emptied. You take the trash can, and empty it outside. 'Fuck' you think. 'I also have to let the dog out.' You walk to the belt for your dog. But then, you see like then jackets on the floor, including your new one! As quick as you can you clean up the mess. On your way to the kitchen, you also see....... and in the end, you get the pencil sharpener and continue your homework (even though it's almost bedtime).
Are you already know the 'thing'? Right! The thing is called 'ADD'.  Attention Deficit Disorder. Sometimes it can be funny too.

-Second thing you have to know.. (I have to hurry up now, have to work!) and which you already noticed.. I'm not English. No, no I'm not. I'm just an ordinary Dutch girl who goes to school on clumps and smoke weed everyday. Just a joke and let that be a lesson for all of you: NOT everybody here is smoking weed 24/7. And no, I'm not live in Amsterdam. Also a lesson: not everybody here lives in Amsterdam. It would be great though. Warm and cosy. But no. And the last thing you all have to know is that not all the girls here (like me) are prostitutes. So, non of you can say he has learned nothing today. I hope all of you can just.. accept who I am. Not English.. just a Dutch girl suffering from ADD who have to search her keys everyday. I named this blog 'Call me Sam' because Sanne is just a typical Dutch name. My mum used to call me Sam or Sammy when I was just a little cute girl, and it's easier to pronounce for all the English of you. Not that you have to speak really, you only have to read though. Not that it's a problem or something, you can speak my name out loud if you want. Go ahead and.. do whatever makes you happy.
That was it for today! Really have to go to work now! Have to change clothes and eat something and search my keys and stuff like that.

Hope you all enjoyed!