Friday, February 24, 2012

Party hard

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Bye bye bitches, see you monday!

What to do in your free week

Dude, It's Friday and that means party! Yet I have to take it easy tonight because I have to work tomorrow 9 in the morning. That's not humanly anymore! And those customers think I'm 100% clear to help them behind the service desk. Tonight I'm going to friends to drink something. Tomorrow after work, I'm going out with my best friend Merel and her lovely friends. It's going to be a longgg night Saturday. With a lot of alcohol which causes a lot of weird memories. Or no memories at all, because you forget them because of the lots and lots of alcohol.

This is my first weekend since ever without my boyfriend and now I finally have some time to see my girls. Just enjoy, have some fun, drink some alcohol and no problems. Except Sunday, because Sunday Merel and I have a hangover and we have to cycle 9 kilometers to our lovely Russian Muslim friend Violet. Yeah, so, for the one's who don't know: Muslims can't drink alcohol. Well they can, but it's forbidden by Allah. No alcohol for them. And the odd thing about it, is that she is just a Muslim for probably a year now. So, I remember her as an amazing beautiful exotic party animal. She was a crazy sex bomb before she turned into a Muslim. And that's why it's not right. I want my girl back!

So, Merel, Violet and I used to call ourselves the three musketeers. We were always together, always. Until she left our school. We made stupid photo's and videos in the school toilet and we pasted the photo's in the notebook. THE notebook. We already have three of those full with stupid pictures of us and pictures of hot men without shirts, gossip about some idiots of school and the fun part was that nobody was allowed to see what's inside THE notebook. Of course, that made everyone curious. Some of our other friends were mad because of that. Fucked up for you bitch! But nobody is ever allowed to take a look inside our... THE notebook.

That's why we are going to reunite Sunday and of course I'm going to take THE notebooks with me. Now we can laugh about those good good memories. Love life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jenna Marbles

Humor of me and my best friend. click here to see her blogspot

Jenna Marbles and her landshark song. Merel is right. Jenna ís awesome.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trip to New-Zealand

Ayeah. Ayeah. No school, no rain while it's summer, my plan is going to New-Zealand for about six months after I passed my school exams. At least, I hope I pass my exams.
My uncle , aunt and cousins (see their blog: Our emigration to New-Zealand) live there for three years now, in the North island in Napier. I'm so excited! I stay there to work and enjoy of the beautiful weather of course. And a good way to improve my English! And o,my,god, it's on the other side of the world (from Holland). It's my first time flying. (It's 24 hours traveling) First I'm flying to Singapore, and then I take a domestic flight to Napier. But still I can imagine how it would feel to leave my family and friends here. AND my boyfriend. It's would be definitely hard. When I passed my exams, I'm going to do all the passpoort and visa stuff. But now I'm already looking forward to it!
And did you know that there live more people in Holland (16.669.112) than in New-Zealand (4.290.347)? While New Zealand has a surface of 270.534 km² and the Netherlands only 41.528 km2(inclusive 18% water!). We are fucking genious.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eyeshadow inspirations

Even if you won't wear this make-up to a big party this weekend, it's fun to look at these beautiful inspirations as well. It's a pity I can't put on make up this good, no patience at all! And even if I try I'm already done with it when I see the end result. Practice practice practice lady's!
My favorite look is dark smokey eyes, with false eye-lashes. Love dark eyes. What's your favorite look?

Watch these ones!
How-to tutorials 1
How-to tutorials 2

And my favorite: Dark smokey eyes

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ice skating

Yes, it's freezing outside. And yes, I live in Holland. And yes! We Dutch people love to skate. Usually you barely see people outside. But these weeks they were everywhere on the ice in canals and on the icerink. Last year I did some iceskating lessons. Such a beautiful sport. Not for me.
I can't even just stand on the ice! I have no balance at all, it's terrible. But still beautiful to watch.
Anyway, yesterday I skated with my boyfriend and some friends of him on a hudge lake. There were two distances (10km and 30km) that you could take. And surprise! We have taken the shortest distance. However, I followed some lessons of iceskating, but my boyfriend really teached me how to skate this day! Who thought men can be usefull?
At the end of the day (see pictures) there weren't many people left, only the fanatical skaters.. like us. But it was a victory for me to finish the 10km on skates! I even dare to say I'm proud at myself. And my boyfriend of course.

Valentine's day

February the 14th. The most people deny it, but secretly, most of us thinks Valentine’s Day is still exciting. Do you still remember the beautiful time on the secondary school, when you were only fourteen years old? Suddenly there were love letters and cars in every school locker (except mine) and people started to dating. But what can we do to make something special of Valentine’s Day this year? Time to surprise your boy- or girlfriend with something special on this beautiful day!

Don't know what to give the love of your life? Some ideas for you.

This wil do her work. Trust me, chocolat ánd champagne? Oyeah.
For the romantics
Admit it. You would melt if your love gives you these flowers.

Now every girl knows he belongs to you.

I can make him the happiest boy in the world with these one's.

Soccerball! Not that he can actually play soccer with this one. But hey, who cares?

With a photo of you two as a couple, or your dog, or your cat. It's all possible.

Sexy Valentine Lingerie yeah. Maybe this is the best present to make him happy, and change
his thoughts about Valentine's Day.

Put your presents in this Valentine box to make it even more romantic.

Maybe a better present for you from him.

Night at the hotel. Sweet memories.
Massage for both of you. Just relax.
Ehhl.. something for everyone.
Love couple photoshoot.

Sleep well my love.
Write your baby boo a love card.

Maybe this goes a little too far, but if you reaaally want to make your boy happy,
this (+soccer tickets) is the way to do it. He'll never think of leaving you anymore.
Dinner for two please. I pay (ouch, but it's really romantic).
'No, I don't like men... My girlfriend gave this to me as a present on Valentine's Day'. He'll still love you, though.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The end result


hairdresser comes this way!

After a couple of months my hair need some maintenance! This time, the upperlayer is going to be blonde like always and my underlayer (dark)brown. And unfortunately, my dead hairends should also be cut :( And that means: the hairdresser is going to cut almost all my hair off. Wééhh.
Here are some of my inspirations:

If you do have more of these kind of inspirations (blonde with brown hair) send me the link!
I would like to have some more pictures!