Friday, February 03, 2012

Omg... it snows?

For a moment we all thought spring was ready to begin, but no. Instead, It's snowing the whole day already. I love it, and I'm glad I don't have to drive a car and that my school is almost around the corner. It's freeezing outside, and my toes and fingertips almost felt off, but right now I'm sitting on the couch, warm and cosy, with a cup of hot chocolatmilk and my cat next to me. Love those moments.

And of course, finally, my test week on school is over! Today was the last day. Party tonight?


  1. No party, just chilling in my bed and watching tv :)
    Your cat?! cute <3

  2. Ahh i'm doing the same. My friend and I want to party tonight but she's on her way in the train for like four hours because of the snow :(

  3. Oh no, that´s a pity :/
    Look at my blog, I have a translator now :) Check out and tell me if it works :)