Monday, February 13, 2012

Ice skating

Yes, it's freezing outside. And yes, I live in Holland. And yes! We Dutch people love to skate. Usually you barely see people outside. But these weeks they were everywhere on the ice in canals and on the icerink. Last year I did some iceskating lessons. Such a beautiful sport. Not for me.
I can't even just stand on the ice! I have no balance at all, it's terrible. But still beautiful to watch.
Anyway, yesterday I skated with my boyfriend and some friends of him on a hudge lake. There were two distances (10km and 30km) that you could take. And surprise! We have taken the shortest distance. However, I followed some lessons of iceskating, but my boyfriend really teached me how to skate this day! Who thought men can be usefull?
At the end of the day (see pictures) there weren't many people left, only the fanatical skaters.. like us. But it was a victory for me to finish the 10km on skates! I even dare to say I'm proud at myself. And my boyfriend of course.


  1. omg!! that looks like so much fun LOL! I live in Vancouver and it is always super cold here and we don't even have that!

  2. i love your blog girl!!! xoxo