Monday, December 10, 2012

Life is good in NZ

Hey guys! 

How was your weekend? I have to say that I'm still a bit too busy to keep up my blog right now and I'm so sorry for that. First I have to try settle in this new place, everything’s new and there’s so much to see. After one day in Taipei (Taiwan) we flied to Australia.  First I went to Sydney with a group for two weeks with the travel agency called Australian Backpackers. It was amazing and I have met so many people in the hostel! We’ve been to Blue Mountains, and I learned how to surf. Great experience. After a long flight and a tornado I finally arrived in Napier, where I felt my first earthquake. Yeeew.
Now I’m staying with my aunt, uncle and two nephews in a big house including swimming pool. I’m blessed to spend Christmas here, with them.
I’ve already secretly searched for the prices of M.A.C cosmetics here in NZ, but I think they are quite the same as in Holland. Such a pity.
Speak to you guys later and hope you all had a great weekend!