Thursday, May 31, 2012

Driving test today

Hey girls,

So here in Holland you have to do some driving lessons and after that a driving test so that the examiner can see if you´re allowed to receive your driving licence, and to hit the road SAFELY. And that day, is today for me. For the third time, to be exact. This time I requested an exam anxiety, but I´m still so nervous, especially because I´m such a chaotic type of person, with not that much of traffic insight..
So people give me all the support and tips that I need to pass this stupid test! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Pure Coconut

Hey girls,
With this post I show you the products which I use to wash my hair with and which are an absolutely MUST for hair which is dry, porous, thin and in my case: blond.
Hair with these characteristics requires really much care and protection. So it was actually my mother who discovered these hair products and bought them from a nature store. After washing my hair with these products I noticed the difference immediately: my hair felt soft and healthy. Also after a little while my hair looked much healthier. This product contains pure coconut oil and NO parabens -an important requirement for such a hippy like me, and for people who want hair which is actually really healthy, and not only looks healthy- .
Also I bought the Pure Coconut Body wash  without any regrets. I love the products of Pure Coconut, my hair and skin definitely need it. Next to these lovely wonderful coconut products, I use Aussie to wash my hair with. Click here for the Aussie hair products review. For more Pure Coconut products of Inecto: click here (uk) or here (nl).

Shampoo: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and nourish dry/damaged hair. Infused with moisturising ingredients, its unique formula leaves hair shiny, soft and easy to manage.

Conditioner: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and nourish dry/damaged hair. Super-rich, yet light formula will leave hair glossy, shiny and superbly soft and manageable.
Body Wash: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and pamper dry skin. Mild, gentle and pH balanced, its unique formula leaves skin clean and soft.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Congratulations sweden!

Congratulations Sweden, with your well deserved first place of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012!
(And Holland, please come up with something good next year)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fantasize about New-Zealand

Hey dolls,

Still 7 months to go, but I'm already so excited to visit New-Zealand for 6/12 months!
My aunt and uncle were here in Holland last year to have a family diner with us and she took some stuff with her for me from New-Zealand! I'm so so so excited I just don't know what to expect. I've never been to the other side of the world, only to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. Our 'neighbours'. I'm ready to improve my English and to meet awesome people and to enjoy the scenery (which you barely have here in Holland).
My aunt also took magnets as you can see in the pictures, but most of the words I have no idea what it means. So if anyone knows? Thank you! :D
If I really like it in New-Zealand I can study there to, but we'll see. Maybe I never leave the country as I love it so much. My aunt also gave me a travel brochure, so that I can see what kind of activities there are in Hawke's Bay. And she gave me a bracelet with stones that make you come back to New Zealand again.
If anyone has some more information for me or pictures, that would be so cool.
But for now, I have to finish my last three exams for school these two weeks, and enjoy the sun because the weather is BEAU-TI-FUL.

With lots of love,
(almost Kiwi)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Help! How to dye my hair?

Hey girls,
It's time to visit the hairdresser again, but what to do?
Right now I have blond on top and brown underneath, and most people say I should let my hair this way. But I like my hair completely blond or caramel too! So here I am asking for your opinion. Please choose one of the options in the poll on the left side of my blog! OR/AND comment on this post!
Help me! Hair trouble!

Hair: how to make curls with a Babyliss curltong

Dear readers,

Because I'm kinda addicted to hair I decided to do a little hair post. I have loads of hair-stuff in my closet like straighteners, curling tongs and hairdryers. And I'm willing to buy even more stuff, it's crazy. So now I'm going to show you guys a curling tong of Babyliss. Actually it's a set, you can also use it as a straightener, or to make waffles, big curls or smaller curls. I never use the straightener because it simply doesn't work that great. I think there are still better curling irons than this one, but it works great for me. I wasn't looking for a two hundred euro curling tong though. It's easy to attach all the different pieces, I'm very satisfied with this product.
This Babyliss set cost me around €30,- ($38).
My favourite hairstyle is rough wavy hair and it's possible to create these kind of waves with this curling iron. I wish I had much longer hair then I have right now, otherwise big wavy hair looks even more gorgeous.  Wéhh please hair: grow! I used the biggest curling piece and let my hair around the curling iron for 5/10 seconds every time. It's an easy job to do and it's doesn't take ages to finish your hair. I prefer to curl my hair with a curling iron instead of a straightener because I feel like the straightener is even more damaging for your hair. I almost never use styling products like these things anyway. My hair is blond and I have a fine hair structure so I have to take care of it! Do you guys already tried styling products of Babyliss?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion: pink checked

Hey dolls,
So last week -after a few months waiting- I finally received my order from the H&M! I ordered a pink checkered blouse and two trousers which I highly needed. I didn't knew I would love the blouse so much like I do now. It's so comfy, the fabric feels very soft. So, I decided to show you guys my new acquisition! Love it so much but I think it's too hot to wear it this summer. But what happened with the H&M? Why do they deliver their orders as late as this? Nah, I really love the H&M but I think I won't order something via the webshop anymore. Next time I just visit the store. And the Primark, of course. Still have two weeks to go and then my finals are finally over! And then: work work work, and shop till I drop. What about you guys?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Webcam photos: Lazy day

Went to the birthday of my sister-in-law and made webcam photos while actually I have to study for my finals which start monday.

Friday, May 11, 2012

ISO straighteners

I fell in love with these straighteners when my friend came to my house to show her new acquisition.
She bought one with tiger print and even though she said it was a steam straightener (because smoke is coming off the device..) while it wasn't, it worked great. The fun thing about this little bit expensive ISO straighteners: you can buy them in almost any color you want, and there are also several prints.
ISO also sells things like curling tongs and hairdryers in any color you wish, you definitely should visit their webshop.  (for dutch click here)
The ISO hairstyle products not only look good, the quality is worth a compliment! I used my friend her straightener several times and every time I fall in love again. In the Netherlands they sell these straighteners on the airport in Amsterdam, so when I'm on my way to the airplane to New-Zealand I'm going to do a quick buy at the ISO shop.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bedroom inspirations

One thing I love is interior styling, and especially if people make something miraculous of it. I can't wait to get my own house / apartment that I can decorate to my own taste. I just found some amazing bedrooms on weheartit and really, some bedrooms are sick. Just .. speechless. I even saw bedrooms with water around the bed and a little bridge. Here are some inspirations I found which I really love!
What's your favourite?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Queensday Amsterdam 2012

Queensday in Amsterdam 2012 was amazing! There were lots and lots of people, orange everywhere and everyone was in the party mood this day. On Queensnight we went to Zaandam, so the night before Queensday.
Orginally Queensday is the day we celebrate the birthday of our former Queen. For the most of us it's just a good reason for a party and get drunk. I wasn't drunk at all of course... :)
I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and some friends of him! I'm sorry,I don't have enough inspiration to write something stunning currently. Still have to learn for the finals next week. I'm glad when school is over! After that I have enough time to party with my friends, not only on Queensday!