Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hair: how to make curls with a Babyliss curltong

Dear readers,

Because I'm kinda addicted to hair I decided to do a little hair post. I have loads of hair-stuff in my closet like straighteners, curling tongs and hairdryers. And I'm willing to buy even more stuff, it's crazy. So now I'm going to show you guys a curling tong of Babyliss. Actually it's a set, you can also use it as a straightener, or to make waffles, big curls or smaller curls. I never use the straightener because it simply doesn't work that great. I think there are still better curling irons than this one, but it works great for me. I wasn't looking for a two hundred euro curling tong though. It's easy to attach all the different pieces, I'm very satisfied with this product.
This Babyliss set cost me around €30,- ($38).
My favourite hairstyle is rough wavy hair and it's possible to create these kind of waves with this curling iron. I wish I had much longer hair then I have right now, otherwise big wavy hair looks even more gorgeous.  Wéhh please hair: grow! I used the biggest curling piece and let my hair around the curling iron for 5/10 seconds every time. It's an easy job to do and it's doesn't take ages to finish your hair. I prefer to curl my hair with a curling iron instead of a straightener because I feel like the straightener is even more damaging for your hair. I almost never use styling products like these things anyway. My hair is blond and I have a fine hair structure so I have to take care of it! Do you guys already tried styling products of Babyliss?


  1. Wow great post :) super cute curling iron!! most curling irons look all plain and stuff I like the color and design <3 I want to ask though, is a curltong better than the wand? Following you now! :)