Saturday, May 19, 2012

Help! How to dye my hair?

Hey girls,
It's time to visit the hairdresser again, but what to do?
Right now I have blond on top and brown underneath, and most people say I should let my hair this way. But I like my hair completely blond or caramel too! So here I am asking for your opinion. Please choose one of the options in the poll on the left side of my blog! OR/AND comment on this post!
Help me! Hair trouble!


  1. Hey there pretty ^^
    Thanks for commenting on my recent post.
    Ah...Hair dye time? One of my fav moments in time where a new color = a new me ^^

    I voted for all brown on your poll!! ^^

    Have a good day!! I'm sure whatever color you choose to dye your hair with will still make you look just as gorgeously beautiful!!!

  2. I bleached my hair for years, and finally just couldn't keep up with it anymore! It's expensive being blonde! For the past few months, I've been getting a mix of highlights and low lights, and I have received so many compliments. My hair is a lot healthier, too!

    So I'm definitely voting for highlights and low lights! Although, I think you'll look gorgeous with any color! ;-)

    Liesl xxx

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I always did, put lots of highlights in it. But I dyed my hair brown underneath recently and now after a few weeks I already feel like I have to change it. And that's how it goes, and why I dyed my hair in colors like black, brown, caramel, light blond, golden blond, and now mixed =D

  3. ooo tough decision! i voted..and thanks for your comment! wanna follow each other? x

  4. Hey Cutie !
    I visit Wassenaar ! I love Netherland <3 :)
    And your Hair ? I would do it in Blond Caramel, it is sooo beautiful for the Sommer and i think for your Typ it is perfect too !

    Sorry for my bad English :) ! I'm you new follower.