Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Pure Coconut

Hey girls,
With this post I show you the products which I use to wash my hair with and which are an absolutely MUST for hair which is dry, porous, thin and in my case: blond.
Hair with these characteristics requires really much care and protection. So it was actually my mother who discovered these hair products and bought them from a nature store. After washing my hair with these products I noticed the difference immediately: my hair felt soft and healthy. Also after a little while my hair looked much healthier. This product contains pure coconut oil and NO parabens -an important requirement for such a hippy like me, and for people who want hair which is actually really healthy, and not only looks healthy- .
Also I bought the Pure Coconut Body wash  without any regrets. I love the products of Pure Coconut, my hair and skin definitely need it. Next to these lovely wonderful coconut products, I use Aussie to wash my hair with. Click here for the Aussie hair products review. For more Pure Coconut products of Inecto: click here (uk) or here (nl).

Shampoo: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and nourish dry/damaged hair. Infused with moisturising ingredients, its unique formula leaves hair shiny, soft and easy to manage.

Conditioner: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and nourish dry/damaged hair. Super-rich, yet light formula will leave hair glossy, shiny and superbly soft and manageable.
Body Wash: Contains 100% pure coconut oil to cleanse and pamper dry skin. Mild, gentle and pH balanced, its unique formula leaves skin clean and soft.



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  2. These products sound amazing! Definitely going to try it, thanks for sharing! :-)

    Liesl xxx

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  5. ahhh ive used these products but after u mentioning them i have to reinvest! xxx