Tuesday, July 31, 2012

REVIEW | M.A.C mineralize foundation

Hey lovely bloggers,

As I already said in my previous post, I bought my first M.A.C make up -aka. the beginning of a new addiction- in Utrecht almost two weeks ago. In this post I'll do a review about the mineralize foundation powder of M.A.C cosmetics. I asked the seller to find me some suitable make up, because he's the expert of course. He asked me what kind of look I wanted. I chose the 'nude look', because I love to keep it natural but fresh so that I can combine it with striking big black eyelashes. Because my skin is quite light, he chose the color (of course) 'light'. Thank god he didn't chose the 'extra light'. That would be a blow for my ego. Anyway, the light shade really suits my skin and I'm so happy with it. First I preferred a matte foundation to camouflage the red spots on my face (my nose and chin). But the salesman advised me to choose a natural loose foundation powder, which also makes dilated pores less visible -and which also was the most expensive one-.

This loose mineralize foundation powder cost me €33,50 (USD $41,19 and NZD 50,82). I was so excited to use it, because I always bought some less expensive makeup which was also of a good quality like L'oréal or Maybelline, but I had some high expectations of M.A.C cosmetics because I saw lots of bloggers using it. And I have to say that it definitely meets my expectations. Totally love it and (also important if it's something which goes all over your face) it smells great. It gives my skin a natural but fresh look. Next time I'll definitely buy M.A.C foundation again and also try other ones.
This way I expand my collection more and more. If you guys are interested or want to order M.A.C cosmetics online, you should go visit their webshop. You can find all sorts of makeup in any color you can possibly think of. Click here to go to their website (US) or here (NL).

Well guys, let me know what you think of M.A.C cosmetics. Is it worth the money? I'll say yes. Also I'll do a review about the M.A.C mineralize blush and lipstick.
Have a great day.

With love,

Friday, July 27, 2012

New shopping purchases!

Hey sweeties,

As I already told you guys I went to Utrecht with my father, a lovely place to visit with lots of shops. So it wasn't so hard to find some new stuff that I 'highly needed'. I really love to spend time with my family. My parents are divorced since I was 5 years old, so I have to spend time with them separately.
I'm very busy lately, because the next two months I have to work really hard to earn some money for New-Zealand. This afternoon my mom and I are going to look for a place ticket. Guess how long the trip will take from Amsterdam/Netherlands to Napier/New-Zealand.... 40 hours!!! And I'm not sure how I'm going to do this..
Anyway, I'll show you my new purchases -and I'll do a review about it later, promise-.


Iso Straightener

M.A.C cosmetics
(the beginning of a new addiction)

One by one volume mascara

Shirt: The Lady Sting €15,-
Trousers: Boutique €15,-

ISO straightener: Utrecht Central Station €79,99

M.A.C mineralize foundation/loose €33,50
M.A.C mineralize blush: €22,50
M.A.C lipstick €18,-

One by one volume mascara: €7,99 (bought it in Germany/Bocholt the day after Utrecht. If you're searching for cheap make up, go to Germany!)

I'm so so happy with all my new stuff. I really needed a new straightener before I go to New-Zealand. I leave the Netherlands around November 20. Probably I'm going to Sydney/Australia for 5 days with a group of backpackers, and then I go to Auckland-Napier to my family.
I'm soo excited!! I can't tell you guys how excited I am. This is a dream come true.

With love,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Citytrip to Utrecht

Hey girls,

So today I'm going on a small city trip/shopping day to Utrecht with my father. It's an amazing city, but unfortunately the sun is nowhere in sight. Only the rains shows up every now and then.
But I'll forget this when I see all the amazing shops at there!
I wish you a great day guys.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life the classy life

Hey girls!
I'm so so sorry for the big long silence these days, but I spended much time with my boyfriend the last couple of days, because he's going to Portugal on a 'party holiday' with his friends next week.. (tiny teardrop comes out). So I really want to see him as much as I can, because the day that he comes back to Holland, I'm going to my sister in Rotterdam. So I don't see him for like.. 18 days or something? Too long if you ask me. Most of you guys probably knows how it feels though.
Anyway, my friend Julia introduced me to the tv program Gossip Girl (I know, pretty awkward that I've never watched it before) and now I'm pretty addicted to it. Gossip girl at home, Gossip girl in the train, Gossip girl at boyfriend's home, Gossip girl at my father's home, and so on. I kinda like the life that they live, in addition to all the problems they have and particularly: create.
So let me enjoy my I-love-the-classy-life-but-I'll-never-have-it-because-I'm-not-that-rich-phase for the next couple of days/weeks/(years). After that I'll be in my 'acceptance phase'. Yeah.
So here a few pictures of the life that actually belongs to me. Yumm.

This everything (and even more) including:

Monday, July 09, 2012

Golden leopard nails

Yesterday I showed you guys my Primark purchases, and now I'm going to show you the fake nails!
My sister and I are really happy with them, although I think they won't stay that long on our nails, but they are really awesome.

So today I had to work with these nails. I've to say that it wasn't a great success. If you're looking for strong long lasting fake nails: these are not the one. They are just for fun, and I'm still in love with them. Usually I have little patience with such things like this, but I keep trying!

Nails and my Sony Vaio together: beautiful

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Primark time: again

Hey girls,

So today I went to the Primark in Zaandam with my sister, and still I don't have loads of money to spend on clothes and other stuff, but we bought some little things (again) that we liked.

Nails: €1,50
Foundation brush: €2,00
Facial cleansing wipes: €1,50
Slipper socks: €1,50

Handbag: €5,00

Unfortunately it was raining all day, but we survived. So now we are save back home, ready to put on our fake nails and watch American Pie: Reunion.

The Newyorker: €6,95

Friday, July 06, 2012

Party hardy

Hey girls,

I wish you a great weekend and a lot of partys of course.
I'm going out with my friends tonight, yeah!

With love

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Outfit: airy but neat

When it’s summer in the Netherlands, there’s sun if we’re lucky. But there’s no pleasant windchill. It’s around 27 degrees, very muggy and you can barely do any activities. Well, at least I can’t do them. With this kind of weather you rather walk naked than with lots of clothes. So today I wear my black short with an airy shirt. Perfect for this muggy weather. I keep it neat to combine it with golden accessories, like my new golden earrings (see this post) and brown belt with gold buckle.

Shirt = Boutique €15,00
Short = Pieces €10,00

Shoes = Boutique €10,00
Earrings = Primark €2,00
Hope the weather is more pleasant with you guys.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Mythic Oil

My friends know I’m addicted to beautiful hair and the right hair products to keep it gorgeous. So last week I invited some friends to celebrate my graduation. I was lucky that one of my friends studied fashion, so she knows a lot about these kind of things. She had to fill goody bags at school, and took one of this products for me as a present: Mythic Oil of L’Oreal Professional. This product is definitely one of the best hair products I’ve ever used in my life, and I don’t exaggerate. This stuff is perfect for hair which is a bit dry and frizzy. I always use this after my wash-my-hair-with-Aussie- ritual  on dry hair. It smells lovely, not to sweet but just really pleasant. I think this is because of the the added avocado oil and grape seed oil.  My hair feels incredibly soft after using this Mythic Oil. Oh, and it’s shiny too! The most important thing which makes this oil so great, is that the oil doesn’t make your hair greasy at all. I think this is a important requirement for many people who wants to use oil for their hair. As you can see on the pictures, the oil has a goldish color, which suits the theme of ‘Mythic’. I highly recommend this product to all of you, I’m sure that almost all of the girls will absolutely love this product! I think this product will cost you around €14,- ($17,60 AD) ($21,90 NZD).
Thanks to my lovely friend for giving me this lovely present!

L'Oréal Professional Mythic Oil: Nourishing oil for all hair types with a blend of avocado oil and grape seed oil. It leaves hair instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. Immedately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish. Depending on hair type, dispense 1 to 2 pumps into your hand and apply to dry or damp hair.