Monday, July 16, 2012

Life the classy life

Hey girls!
I'm so so sorry for the big long silence these days, but I spended much time with my boyfriend the last couple of days, because he's going to Portugal on a 'party holiday' with his friends next week.. (tiny teardrop comes out). So I really want to see him as much as I can, because the day that he comes back to Holland, I'm going to my sister in Rotterdam. So I don't see him for like.. 18 days or something? Too long if you ask me. Most of you guys probably knows how it feels though.
Anyway, my friend Julia introduced me to the tv program Gossip Girl (I know, pretty awkward that I've never watched it before) and now I'm pretty addicted to it. Gossip girl at home, Gossip girl in the train, Gossip girl at boyfriend's home, Gossip girl at my father's home, and so on. I kinda like the life that they live, in addition to all the problems they have and particularly: create.
So let me enjoy my I-love-the-classy-life-but-I'll-never-have-it-because-I'm-not-that-rich-phase for the next couple of days/weeks/(years). After that I'll be in my 'acceptance phase'. Yeah.
So here a few pictures of the life that actually belongs to me. Yumm.

This everything (and even more) including:


  1. hee die jongen behoor ik te zijn Sanne-Lotte.

    Kus van je lekkere boyfriend

  2. love the photos, great blog

  3. Oh yeah this is so my life aswell haha espesh the chuck bit:P
    I wish..
    Lovely blog! Would love if you could check mine out and maybe follow if you like what you see:)


  4. I love this post I would deffo have all the things like you good taste haha. xx

  5. Love this post! So glam!
    I haven't watched Gossip Girl in too long.. I have to catch up!
    N xoxo

  6. haha! If only, right? Especially the last pic ;)

  7. hehe - yes, what would we do without dreams? :)
    I like this serial also very much :)

    ps: thank you for your nice comment on my blog!