Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi guys!

Even now I'm in New-Zealand I still have some things that I really really want, although I can't afford it because of my backpackers budget. I have to wear the same clothes for one year (Ok maybe I cheated a bit. I bought new clothes two months ago when I stayed in Auckland) and that can be pretty boring sometimes. Especially now I'm back with my family in Napier, I live the normal life again. Finally I can eat normal bread with anything I like. Peanut butter, cheese, and a nice drink like Juice, coffee, milk, tea, smoothies, and so on. Because I have no income, I'm still in the saving-my-money-for-my-next-trip-to-the-south-island mode. Can be pretty hard in a lovely town with nice shops everywhere around you. 
 So I was surfing on the internet as usual and found these shoes. I know, it’s not really lady like but I love Nike air max, and I always did. They fit perfectly and they walk great. And now, combined with leopard print, it’s perfect.

I heard myself thinking. ‘The black ones will fit with almost every outfit. And my feet won’t look that big. But the grey ones are lovely too.’ But hé, I almost forgot that I can’t afford $200 shoes (per pair) as a backpacker. So I tried to find excuses. ‘But I need running shoes. I can use them.. as running shoes as well? And Defqon. I can wear them on the Defqon festival, because I have no other proper shoes to wear (defqon is in September).’ Or maybe I just have to accept the fact that I’m a backpacker, travelling without lots of money and no work at this moment.
So I discovered that the Defqon in Australia is totally different (fashion) then in Holland. So I became super excited, cause in Australie they are all dressed up in crazy colours and outfits. So I already created an outfit...

So In Holland I've never ever seen anyone wearing these kinds of raver clothes. I know, I'm already too excited, although I'm not even sure what my travel plans are. Am I staying in New Zealand? Will I go back to Holland? Will I continue traveling and going to Asia or/and Australia? I have no clue and that's also why I'm a bit confused the last few days. In Holland you need a plan, preferably for your whole life already. But here is no plan. Living from day to day is different and a bit difficult for me. I'm happy when my boyfriend comes over the 6th of March. I miss him. And home.