Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi guys!

Even now I'm in New-Zealand I still have some things that I really really want, although I can't afford it because of my backpackers budget. I have to wear the same clothes for one year (Ok maybe I cheated a bit. I bought new clothes two months ago when I stayed in Auckland) and that can be pretty boring sometimes. Especially now I'm back with my family in Napier, I live the normal life again. Finally I can eat normal bread with anything I like. Peanut butter, cheese, and a nice drink like Juice, coffee, milk, tea, smoothies, and so on. Because I have no income, I'm still in the saving-my-money-for-my-next-trip-to-the-south-island mode. Can be pretty hard in a lovely town with nice shops everywhere around you. 
 So I was surfing on the internet as usual and found these shoes. I know, it’s not really lady like but I love Nike air max, and I always did. They fit perfectly and they walk great. And now, combined with leopard print, it’s perfect.

I heard myself thinking. ‘The black ones will fit with almost every outfit. And my feet won’t look that big. But the grey ones are lovely too.’ But hé, I almost forgot that I can’t afford $200 shoes (per pair) as a backpacker. So I tried to find excuses. ‘But I need running shoes. I can use them.. as running shoes as well? And Defqon. I can wear them on the Defqon festival, because I have no other proper shoes to wear (defqon is in September).’ Or maybe I just have to accept the fact that I’m a backpacker, travelling without lots of money and no work at this moment.
So I discovered that the Defqon in Australia is totally different (fashion) then in Holland. So I became super excited, cause in Australie they are all dressed up in crazy colours and outfits. So I already created an outfit...

So In Holland I've never ever seen anyone wearing these kinds of raver clothes. I know, I'm already too excited, although I'm not even sure what my travel plans are. Am I staying in New Zealand? Will I go back to Holland? Will I continue traveling and going to Asia or/and Australia? I have no clue and that's also why I'm a bit confused the last few days. In Holland you need a plan, preferably for your whole life already. But here is no plan. Living from day to day is different and a bit difficult for me. I'm happy when my boyfriend comes over the 6th of March. I miss him. And home.



  1. Dying to get a pair of the airmax! have my eye on them grey ones:)

  2. I really like your blog, it's really interesting!

  3. Super dat je aan het reizen bent. Je hebt echt gelijk in Nederland is alles erg huisje boompje beestje.. Je bent jong doe lekker wat je wilt! Ik zit nu in Parijs om de taal te leren daarna zou ik wel naar L.A willen gaan ofzo.. I dont know yet anyway life day by day :) Zullen we elkaar volgen om in contact te houden? xoxoxoxoox

  4. cute things! those leg warmers are adorable!

    check out my latest outfit post! :)

  5. love your blog beauty!


  6. Leuk joh! Ik zit nu voor een half jaar in Bosnië :)
    Ik volg je nu. Kan ik je verhalen blijven lezen ;-)

    Kiki / Chicks About Fashion

  7. I'd definitely choose Australia, it's like the most amazing, chill-out country in the world, I love it there, and wished to be there right now!
    These pink fur boots look funny, yet I picture them to "fish dirt" from the street rather quickly. :)

    Have a fun summer.