Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey guys,
Hope you all had a great week, now it’s finally time for weekend! Still one week to go and then my road trip begins. Bring it on!

As promised, I’ll do a review about the John Frieda hairdye shade 10N, extra light natural blonde. I couldn’t wait to dye my hair, the package attract me and looks so classy.
It took me an hour until I finally could dye my hair, as I actually read the warning and allergic stuff pages.. I got scared (while I dyed my hair so many times already). But I wanted to dye my hair so bad, so I did it. I already did a John Frieda Foam review before,  a few weeks ago.  You can read it HERE!

I got my stuff ready, mixed everything together, and was ready to put the foam in my hair. I started with my roots, and ended with the rest of my hair. It’s really easy, as long as you use it as a shampoo, you can apply it easily trough your whole hair. The smell was very strong by the way, my eyes hurted a bit.

 It said that 1 package was enough for long hair, and they were right. I only needed one package and my whole hair was covered with foam.
I left it in my hair for 20/25 minutes, listened to some music, being scared of having an allergy but didn’t got it, and rinsed my hair. I washed it and used the nr. 3 John Frieda Colour conditioner. The smell was really nice compare to the strong smell from the hair dye itself.
First I thought my hair turned out orange, I was so glad that wasn’t the case. The bottom layer of my hair was already a bit darker then the top, because it used to be brown. So every time I dye it, it gets a bit lighter. I also thought there was no difference between my hair before and after, only the outgrowth was gone.
Today I straightened my hair, and after brushing it looked quite light actually. I still don’t know if it’s lighter then before dying it, because in some pictures my hair looks lighter then other pictures. So it’s really hard to compare.
However, I’m really happy with the result of my hair. I won’t dye it any lighter though, but for summer and my summer tan I thought it was fun to do. 

What do you think? Have you ever tried the John Frieda foam? 


  1. You are beautiful and the haircolour is nice :*

  2. Wow love it, I´ve tried a brown colors a few months ago and was happy with the color after coloring. Not to dark like other ones.
    Lovly, P

  3. wow there is defintley a difference I think, Its very nice it looks more blonder in the after pictures. It really suits your complexion. YOu are very pretty :) It is surprising that you only needed one pack of dye, but good :) xx

  4. I have used this and I love it. It gives such a natural all over look! Great Product :)x

  5. You're hair turned out great :) Makes you look kind of Norwegian.

    x0x your newest follower,


  6. Wow your hair looks lovely. So healthy and shiny :) xx
    Heroine In Heels