Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hipster fashion style

Hi guys!
So as I told you yesterday, I went  to the mall Friday afternoon and bought some really cool hipster inspired stuff. And as promised, I would love to share my new purchases with you.

1.      Valley Girl. I love cats, and I love the universe print which is obviously really popular nowadays. This shirt cost me $20
2.      Valley Girl. $9,99
3.      Valley Girl. $20
4.      Shorts: Valley girl. $35
Legging: Glassons. $10
5. Glassons. $20

I love to try the hipster style, maybe because it’s kind of hard to get in Holland (and the weather is basically just too cold to wear shorts) and I keep seeing it on Tumblr.
Also I still want to have some different kind of shorts, like the dip dye ones.
And because I’m officially a backpacker it’s the perfect clothing to wear: not too neat, but not too sloppy either. I don’t actually feel like a real backpacker yet, and that’s because I’m staying in nicely environments since I’m here (except for the hostel in Sydney, blugh). And what about you? Do you like the hipster fashion style?


  1. I love the two first shirts ♥

  2. Well, blonde was my favourite hair colour, and when I see some "old" photos with my blonde hair, I always become a little bit sad and I regret it ;) My brown hair was an accident, so now I let grow out my "real" hair :) And my real hair is dark blonde (I think) ;)

  3. Number four is my favourite! Lovely post, good look with the backapcking, lucky girl


  4. Cute haul! Love the shoes. Check out my blog if you get the chance :D xx

  5. just found your blog and i love it allready :)
    the tops are great and i really like the hotpants. this reminds of the fact, to buy myself some hotpants!