Thursday, August 30, 2012


As my sister dyed her hair dark mahogany brown, she already saw another hair dye that caught her attention: Syoss Dark Cherry mix. Before my sister turned into a 'teenage girl which can only think and talk about her hair and make up and tits and other stuff which is about appearance' I had a serious hair-addiction problem which was finally over sice last year.. But she has this trange influence. She wants to try every hair color I always wanted to try, and now, at this point, I doubt about two beautiful hair colors. My sister already bought two packs of Syoss Dark Cherry mix, and I bought John Frieda Light Natural blonde which I can still exchange for another color in the store.. I was thinking about a Mohogany color just like Cheryl Cole had. so can you guys please help me out with this? I love my blonde color, and I already thought about me, slight tanned, blonde hair in New-Zealand. But because my sister has this color too, it's kinda funny to dye my hair the same as her.
So please tell me, what should I do?!


Monday, August 27, 2012


While I'm planning my trip to New-Zealand, I'm searching my ass off for a new mobile as I discovered that I can extend my On Account plan next month(it's never enough). The problem is, I can't use my On Account plan in New-Zealand, so I'm going to buy the mobile only. My boyfriend just has got his Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue and I absolutely love it! The big HD screen, wow! Right now I have the HTC Legend.. my colleagues laugh at it  for his 'sconce' and call it 'old school'. It's always so exciting to buy a new mobile, and my old school mobile can handle only one app, just one. My first choice was the Galaxy S3. But what about the IPhone 5? I've heard that it's release will be in October, is it worth the wait? No doubt. But which should I choose? Honestly I can't wait.
My question to you is, which one do you recommend. Anyone experience with the Galaxy S3 or IPhone?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Finally I can show you my first and far from the last, MAC lipstick. As I told you in an earlier post about my MAC purchases, I was helped by the salesguy who gave me lots of information about MAC and it's different products. He asked me my favourite look. Now it sounds a bit boring, but I said: 'Just natural and fresh'. The most obvious lipstick he picked was -of course- Creme d'nude. Wow, what a lipstick. It's creamy, it smells so nice, bit like cacao or something, shiny and feels extremely soft on your lips. The perfect every day lipstick. Now I know MAC a little bit better, I definitely want to try more different colours. Not just the gentle, modest ones, also the heavy pink and red colours. I highly recommend this lipstick, as it suits every outfit you wear, and it's just great for a fresh natural look. And I'm a little bit obsessed with the smell. Once you used MAC, you never go back. You're warned.

You ever tried the MAC nude coloured lipsticks?


Since I started to use MAC cosmetics -I still have to do a review about a lipstick and blush- I'm already totally addicted to it. I decided to buy something from the MAC online store about every couple of weeks so that I can expanse my small collection. An excellent idea of course, only I didn't counted on the shipping of €4,99. So maybe though it is for the best, just to buy some MAC products at once. Doesn't sound bad at all does it? If I didn't had to save so much money for my trip it wasn't a problem at all. Then I already bought all make-up in every single colour possible.
So because I already bought lipstick Creme d'nude -wish I really love, by the way- I want to have the same creme gloss lipstick in a little more pinkish colour. The Creme Cup meets this. The Shy Girl shade is just tends more towards a nude colour. Love both!
Do you guys have any recommendations for me?

Friday, August 24, 2012


Hey guys,
As I told you in an earlier post (click here) I absolutaly love the Mohogani hair color. I decided to not dye my hair like this.. just because I'm a blonde and I should keep it that way. But my sister, who is suddenly obsessed with her hair for the last few months, dyed her hair: MOHOGANI BROWN!
Yayy for me! And for her of course. She used Garnier Herbashine shade 415. Now I see the color with my own eyes, it's still an outstanding colour as expected. For the brunettes over here: you should defenitely try it if you're about to dye your hair. It's a warm color, and especially in outside light you can see the red glow.
Some pictures:

So tell me, what do you think?
With love,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey guys,

Do you know the feeling when it's finally summer holiday, but you have to work all the time? Well, unfortunately I do. I have to work so so hard for the money for my journey to New-Zealand. Before summer, I worked even harder to pass my exams and in addition I worked for the money my driving licence. At least I can drive a car now, that's wuite useful when I'm on the other side of this earth. I live on a hill at there, so.. Sometimes I feel like I'm starting to run out and really need a long and relaxed holiday right now.
BUT FINALLY I booked my ticket yesterday!! What a relieve! November 21 I'll leave this small country and I fly to Sydney/Australia with a group of backpackers and stay there for 5 days. We are going to surf at there, doing an Australian barbecue and a harbor cruise with pick nick. After that I'll continue my journey in New-Zealand. My boyfriend works his ass off so that he can visit me. Isn't that sweet? I really feel like I need this. Just to become a stronger person and to let things from past behind me. Maybe some of you understand this feeling. Maybe it's quite hard to understand, that's why sometimes I feel a bit lonely, because not everyone understand. Fortunately for them, of course!

As I told earlier I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Ahh every time saying this it's like I'm having a bad disease or something?! No, it's just that I'm quite chaotic, which can be very annoying. Just like today and last week. I came six times too early at work.. my boss -of course- wasn't too happy with this. That's why I'm sitting here, writing this post. Because I was at work way too early and I was send home. BLUGH. A big mess in my head these couple of weeks.
And you know what's the most annoying of all? That customers (I work in a D.I.Y store) think that I'm just a stupid blonde without any good working brain cells in my head. What?! Yes, this is true. And they don't care to say that out loud. Just like a customer at Saturday: 'Wow, you know something about doors?! Hahah, blonde.' It really starts to hit me on my nerves.. people can be so rude, you know.

That's why I can't wait to go to New-Zealand. Just a whole new experience, new people, new language, everything new except for my family who lives there. AND, a swimming pool in the garden. Don't forget about the swimming pool.
Enough talking, and I'm sorry for all the negative shit at here. Sometimes you just have to let those feelings go and write it off. It helps, thanks in advance for reading this! I'm really thankfull!
(next to thinking, I really enjoy the summer. Finally, pigment which seems to get tanned.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Finally, there is sun. My friend has a big house and also an amazing garden. The perfect place to sunbathe if the sun is there. And the past few days, it was! The good life. There may have been only two weeks of sun this summer, so I enjoy it extra much when it's there and I don't have to work. Unfortunately I have to work around 5 o'clock.
The rabbit still doesn't like me. What to do, what to do. At least he gets his food so he should be happy with that.
Are you guys enjoying the summer?

with love,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rabbit attack

Hey guys,

So as I already said, I'm taking care of the cute 'guinea-pig' and cat of my friend, who's in Turkey for a week. The guinea-pig isn't as guinea-piggish as I thought. Because it's not a guinea-pig. It's a rabbit.
No problem, I thought. But this rabbit is different. The thing doesn't even like me. Putting new food in his food bowl: rabbit attacks. Refreshing his water: rabbit attacks. Cleaning up his excreta: Rabbit attacks. Well, screw you rabbit! Well, Go to your cage and sleep in your own poop then!
But I don't give up that quickly. I want the rabbit to like me. I open up his cage every day (he doesn't come out though) so that he can feel 'free'. I don't understand why the rabbit wants to stay in that small cage every single day. But I try my best. Give him fresh water and food every day, clean his poop if I get the chance, and pet him if he lets me.
Cute little rabbit. At the end of the week, you'll like me. We'll see.

Thursday, August 09, 2012


I'm sorry for this long silence, but I went to Rotterdam to visit my sister. I missed my little niece and nephew so much, I was so happy to see them! This was my only week off, now I have to work again to save for New-Zealand. I still have to book a ticket.. stupid me. It's so weird that in about three months I'm on the other side of the earth.. literally. From tomorrow until next week I 'babysit' at my friends house and their cat and guinea pig. So I think I have some time to do some posts about my new M.A.C make-up and stuff like that. So keep track of my blog!