Monday, August 27, 2012


While I'm planning my trip to New-Zealand, I'm searching my ass off for a new mobile as I discovered that I can extend my On Account plan next month(it's never enough). The problem is, I can't use my On Account plan in New-Zealand, so I'm going to buy the mobile only. My boyfriend just has got his Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue and I absolutely love it! The big HD screen, wow! Right now I have the HTC Legend.. my colleagues laugh at it  for his 'sconce' and call it 'old school'. It's always so exciting to buy a new mobile, and my old school mobile can handle only one app, just one. My first choice was the Galaxy S3. But what about the IPhone 5? I've heard that it's release will be in October, is it worth the wait? No doubt. But which should I choose? Honestly I can't wait.
My question to you is, which one do you recommend. Anyone experience with the Galaxy S3 or IPhone?


  1. In my opinion, you should go for the Samsung as according to rumours the iPhone 5 is exactly the same as the iPhone 4s but in a tablet form. It's the same size as the Samsung galaxy note xo

  2. Ik zelf ga binnenkort een iPhone 4 kopen (nee, geen S haha ik denk wel een beetje aan mijn budget :')) - ik denk dat de iPhone 5 nog niet eens zoveel beter zal zijn. De Samsung zelf zou ik niet kiezen, voor je het weet hebben ze alweer een nieuwe versie!

    1. Klopt, maar dat is hetzelfde met de Iphone toch! En omdat ik een jaar naar het buitenland ga, verleng ik mijn contract met een jaar en als ik terug kom mag ik hem dan alweer verlengen en kan ik een nieuw toestel uitkiezen haha. Erg he, overal aangedacht. Maar de Iphone is wel super mooi.. zo luxueus!

  3. My mum has the Galaxy and I have and Iphone.. I say Iphone all the way!

  4. I am fuge fan of iphone <3

    I follow you:)
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    Greetings from Greece

  5. Definitely the Samsung Galaxy S3! As you already know, it has a larger screen and is a lot thinner. It also has most of the apps the iPhone has plus a lot more of them for free. I think it's a lot prettier to look at and has amazing picture quality and memory space. I have dropped mine on the floor so many times, but have had no problems (only a couple of scratches). It is also great for internet due to the bigger screen, great quality and fast loading of the pages. Both my Mum and Dad have iPhones so I can compare both equally. So yeah, definitely get the Samsung! You won't regret it! :)

    Gee ( xxx

  6. I have an iphone and i think i will never change to samsung.
    Loved your blog by the way.