Saturday, August 25, 2012


Finally I can show you my first and far from the last, MAC lipstick. As I told you in an earlier post about my MAC purchases, I was helped by the salesguy who gave me lots of information about MAC and it's different products. He asked me my favourite look. Now it sounds a bit boring, but I said: 'Just natural and fresh'. The most obvious lipstick he picked was -of course- Creme d'nude. Wow, what a lipstick. It's creamy, it smells so nice, bit like cacao or something, shiny and feels extremely soft on your lips. The perfect every day lipstick. Now I know MAC a little bit better, I definitely want to try more different colours. Not just the gentle, modest ones, also the heavy pink and red colours. I highly recommend this lipstick, as it suits every outfit you wear, and it's just great for a fresh natural look. And I'm a little bit obsessed with the smell. Once you used MAC, you never go back. You're warned.

You ever tried the MAC nude coloured lipsticks?


  1. I absolutely love MAC nudes! - I have Shy Girl which is amazing, but creme dnude looks just as nice!

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  2. That looks likea gorgeous color! If you want a more nude color try myth:) It's my favorite

  3. this hue looks great on you!
    i confess..i am an addict to MAC nudes!


  4. I love Nude Mac lipsticks. I love it when Kim kardashian sports nude lipstick. My favorite sorta nude one os the jubilee by MAC
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  5. Love your blog & BlogLovin! I followed, follow back?

  6. I soooo want to try out MAC after reading this!

  7. Lovely color! And I agree...once you go MAC, you never go back!! They should copyright that lol

  8. so pretty color!
    tell me when you come to Indonesia (Jakarta) OK? i want to make a photoshoot with you in my own photo studio :D

    mind to follow each others? let me know, dear ^^


  9. I love Mac lipsticks too. I can't believe I have not tried this color. Great post.

  10. I have this colour but I can't wear it. Makes me look a bit sickly! :(

  11. I'm definitely going to have to try a couple of MAC lipsticks myself then! I'm especially intrigued by the smell! Normally my lipsticks don't small bad but they don't smell amazing either! Great review, definitely following!

    Gee ( xxx

  12. Such a pretty colour :) Im following u now hun.. xx