Thursday, August 30, 2012


As my sister dyed her hair dark mahogany brown, she already saw another hair dye that caught her attention: Syoss Dark Cherry mix. Before my sister turned into a 'teenage girl which can only think and talk about her hair and make up and tits and other stuff which is about appearance' I had a serious hair-addiction problem which was finally over sice last year.. But she has this trange influence. She wants to try every hair color I always wanted to try, and now, at this point, I doubt about two beautiful hair colors. My sister already bought two packs of Syoss Dark Cherry mix, and I bought John Frieda Light Natural blonde which I can still exchange for another color in the store.. I was thinking about a Mohogany color just like Cheryl Cole had. so can you guys please help me out with this? I love my blonde color, and I already thought about me, slight tanned, blonde hair in New-Zealand. But because my sister has this color too, it's kinda funny to dye my hair the same as her.
So please tell me, what should I do?!



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