Friday, September 14, 2012


Hey sweeties,
This week I finally dyed my hair again. It wasn't really necessary , it was just the outgrowth of my hair which I had to do. Anddd.. I'm seeking for reasons to dye my hair again.. When I went to the drugstore with my sister who wanted to buy hair dye, I saw the John Frieda hair dyes were on sale. First I doubted whether I should do it or not. Basically my hair already was natural light blonde, so its not a dramatic change or something. I just feel fresh again, and the hairdresser has cut the dead hairends of my hair, so yeah, I feel fresh right now.
As you can see nothing really changed, only the color underneath became a bit blonder.
I'm really happy with the John Frieda hair dye. I have to say, I never bought hair dye from the drugstore after my hair became dry, dull and sluggish. But I'm satisfied with John Frieda and I heard lots of positive reactions about this brand. The box contains -next to the hair dye itself- a lovely conditioner, which makes your hair feel soft and shiny. But what I'm the most happy with, is the natural look. This hair dye doesn't make your hair look fake and whole-colored. I still can see the lowlights trough my hair. The foam isnt that foamy

What do you think about the John Frieda hair dye?



  1. The condition of your hair is so good, I'm jealous haha. It looks lovely though x

    1. Wash your hair with Aussie, don't use too much hairproducts and dont blowdry/curl/straighten it too much. That's how I keep my hair in a good condition! Thanks honey! <3

  2. Your hair is really beautiful <3 it has some really gorgeous tones of blonde in it <3

  3. I have a box of this terrified to use it as my natural re-growth is dark blonde throws gold like the devil.I usually use professional tints but am a bit broke scared too but your hair looks amazing!

  4. It's a beautiful colour, so no worries! You just need to maintain the colour with something like a Silver Shampoo. At least, I did. :)

  5. Unfortunately , I cant buy this product in Poland.
    You have a beautiful shade of blonde now .