Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today I'm going to show you how I do my daily make up. Mostly I use natural colors, I love the look of a natural fresh skin and dark eyes. I also will show you the stuff I used.

Step 1: I clean my face with Dove soft wash, which protects your skin. '

Step 2: Mostly I don't use that much foundation, only at the problem area. For me that's my chin, nose, and under my eyes. As you can see I've pretty dark edges around my eyes because I'm tired lately, so I camouflage it with foundation. Also my nose is always red.. so I really have to apply foundation on that spot because otherwise it'll stand out so much. This time I used Bourjois healthy mix foundation N52: vanilla. It's actually my sisters, but it's also the right color for me. I also use a foundation brush, which works really well for me. With this brush you can reach spots like under your eyes. The rest of the foundation I wipe out with the biggest brush.

Step 3:  My face after applying the Bourjois foundation.

Step 4: For additional results I use a mineralize foundation powder of MAC, shade 'light and apply it all over my face and neck. It's helps to camouflage dilated pores and red areas on your face. I also use a big powder brush of H&M.

Step 5:  My face after applying the mineralize powder.

Step 6: After the foundation and powder, it's time for blush. I use the MAC mineralize blush warm soul. It's just gives you that healthy and fresh look. I use a regular blush brush.

Step 7: Sometimes I apply just a little foundation on my lips. Just because I love the natural look. Don't put up too much, or a lighter color! Then it looks like you're not feeling well or something, and that's not our intention!

Step 8: To create that extra natural fresh look, I use the MAC creme d'nude lipstick. It's creamy and shiny and it even smells great.

Step 9: I always curl my lashes with an eyelash curler. If I don't use it, my lashes focus forward and it looks like they're really short. I want to create big dark eyelashes, so this eyelash curler is necessary! Curl your eyelashes before applying eyeliner.

Step 10: Now I can start with the eyes. I love eyeliner, and I love dark eyes. I use the Maybelline Lasting drama 24h gel eyeliner. It works really well, although it's not that black as eyeliners I used before.

Step 11: So now it's time for mascara. I always use two or three layers of mascara. As I already said, I love the big dark eyeslook. I use the Maybelline one by one volum' express, satin black mascara. I'm really happy with this one, it works great and I highly reccomend it.

Step 12: layer one

Step 13: layer two

Step 14: layer three

Step 15: Now remove the mascara above your eyes of your skin, if it's there. Otherwise it looks messy and revulsive of the rest of your makeup.

Step 16: Last but not least I darken my eyebrows a bit. I also want to touch up the shape so that it looks much better. I never darken my eyebrows too much, because I've got quite blonde hair.

So, that's it actually, nothing more. When my friends and I are going out I use a little more make-up as usual, and sometimes I use other colors of blush and lipstick, but this is pretty much the daily look. I still want to buy some heavy pinkish colors of MAC lipstick, but we'll see. First I have to save some money for New-Zealand. Hope you guys liked it, tell me what you think! I love to see all of your daily make up routine stuff too!

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  4. Mooi naturel! :) x Elma

    1. Dankje meis! Dat is juist de bedoeling, lekker fris en naturel.


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  7. Wow, you sure know a lot of putting on make up, I am following you. Thank you for the step by step instructions. You look fabulous.

  8. I stick to the natural look too. It's such a lovely look and you look great!

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