Monday, January 30, 2012

Clip-in hair extensions

Because I'm obsessed with hair, I would like to give some information about one of the easiest way to have long hair in just a few minutes, and share my experience. I bought clip-in extensions two times.

Right color
To pick the right color I recommend not to buy any kind of extensions on the Internet. You can never compare your own hair color with a picture on your computer screen. Your own hair color may contain a warm glow while the extensions are based on natural hair colors without any warm glow. Also your hair can contain not just only one color, maybe even two or more. The sensible way to buy extensions is to visit a professional hair shop.

You can buy instant extensions. You don't have to fix the clips on the hair anymore. I bought individual hair strips and clips. You should buy the clips in the same color as your own hair. In this way you'll create an extra natural effect and avoid embarrasing situations (see my experience).
The more expensive the better the quality, that's the rule and it's definitely true. If you decide to buy cheap hair it often contains synthetic hair, fake hair. Synthetic hair gleam a lot and feels soft. However, after brushing and after you take a shower, you know it's wrong shit hair which do not even look like hair anymore. You can recognize real human hair by the (split) ends.

Remy hair
I also recommend to buy remy sorted hair. This means the hairs are sorted based on the hair scales. This ensures that the extensions last much longer.

The best way to be sure the extensions will not be noticed, is to cut your hair in layers. And you may even have to cut your extensions too. Otherwise you'll see your own hair length trough the extensions and thick hair even more. And believe me, it's not sexy. It's take some effort to let your extensions look beautiful on you, but in the end you'll look hot hot hot. Don't forget, thick hair would need more extensions than thin hair. Otherwise you will still see your own hair.

My experience
I bought clip-in extensions two times already. First ones I bought at the hair shop. This wasn´t such a success.. the woman gave me the wrong color and after the hair dresser had made them lighter, they became all dry. Adios 180 euros. Second ones I bought on a market. They are beautiful, but I can´t deal with the fact that there are clips on your head the whole day long. I can´t just whip my hair and you have to check frequently if the clips are still on the right place. It sounds strange but once one side of the extensions were on my head and the other side was somewhere on my shoulder. Yeah.. big fail.

Now you know how to recognize real human remy sorted hair, you also want to keep your expensive hair healthy. You really should buy quality products. Maybe you think the extensions itself are already expensive enough, and you're right. But extensions do need a lot of care. And yeah, if you still think it's too much money, the cheapest way is to grown your own hair  and keep it healthy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hot male celebs

Because the eye wants something too you know..
Which of these hotties is your favourite?

Enrique Iglesias                                       Ryan Gosling

Bradley Cooper                                      Robert Hoffman
Channing Tatum                                                 Paul Walker
Vin Diesel                                                 Cam Gigandet

 And girls, next time without shirt!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How useful is complaining?

Life seems to be so hard when you hear all those people complaining about their stupid colleagues on their stupid work. And now they even want to change the schedules while you can't even work on Saturday morning! Shit you also have to pay your phone bill... now you don't have enough money to buy that one cute skirt.
Dude, I hate life.
80% of the people complains about the people who complain. Sad isn't it? Favourite complain topic: the behaviour of your partner, friends or colleagues. Second topic: the behaviour of unknowns like road users. But also physical complaints and being to busy are popular complain topics.

The reason people complain is because it just feels good . It just feels so good to tell the world how hard everything is. And especially when the people around you feel sorry for you and they give you the attention you always wanted. But.. does it solve your problems? The answer is no. Mostly the real reason isn't your irritating collegue. There is some discontent in you and it must find a way out.

Secondly, you don't feel any better of all those nagative thoughts. And the people around you like your friends, family and maybe even your boyfriend, will getting tired of listening to you. Just think of that teacher of yours, he complains about almost everything. Beware that complain is not getting a habit. Before you now it, nobody will ever listen to you anymore.

So people, just STOP complain and START thinking of all those nice things that happen around you.
It'll make you a lot happier more fun.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you ever.... lost your cat? If so, you know this horrible feeling.
My cat is my best friend. And when I woke up this morning he wasn't in his basket like every morning. I missed him all day. After supper my mother and I went looking for him outside and yelling his name like crazy on the streets.  People looked at us like omg those people are talking to themselves with strange voices, like how you talking to your animals, those kind of voices.
But I didn't fucking care because I had to find my cat. And suddenly... *miaow* There was my baby! My everything! Siepie!  He was hiding under a trailer, scared of the traffic. I took him home and now I never let him go outside anymore.... at least the first 24 hours.

There are cats on this globe who even find their home back from abroad, but not this one. Maybe I have to write a book about him and all the times he scared the hell out of us. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day after

For the party people here..Just saying.

Wake up.. throw up..headache.. oh no.. hangover!
But what exactly is a fucking hangover?
Well, we know hangover as the popular comedy movie of a couple stupid guys not knowing what they did last night and one of them is missing a tooth, and as the bad familiar effect after a night of taking lots and lots  of alcohol.

-headache (the worst)
-idiosyncrasy  of external incentives
And of course weariness.

To avoid symptoms like this after your amazing night out, just drink a lot of liquid. Especially water. Really, it helps! Not only at the end of the night, but also during the night. Otherwise it's too late because you already have been to the toilet for twenty times or more.

'What do I have to do, when I did not listen to you (or I just didn't read this at all) and last night i drank too much, and right now I'm throwing up every ten minutes?' Yeah, well, that's really fucked up for you girl. But don't bother, just drink the amazing and magical liquid: water. It also helps to fight against your big enemy the hangover, and those rather difficult  symptoms will be reduced. Or you can lay in bed the whole day with your headache, just like me. Just enjoy the night and party as hard as you can!

Yesterday I went out for the first time in months in my home town (only when you have ever been here you know why this was only the first time in months). So I need an energyboost right now.
Tell me, what's your favorite place to party?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Schooltest Week

It’s just three times in a year but I’m so bad at it. I decided to learn two weeks in advance this time.
Check this out, me when I’m ‘learning’ for school.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Review: Aussie hair products

It’s 1979. American hair wizard Tom Redmond is visiting Oz. He’s introduced to a range of fruit and age-old remedies peculiar to the continent. We can imagine Tom going, “gee whizz!”, as he takes in the diverse delights of Blue Gum Leaves. Australian Custard Apple. Quandong. (Read on.) Mint Balm. Wild Cherry Bark. And the protective Jojoba Seed Oil.

We can’t explain why Mr Redmond starts thinking of hair at this stage, but he does. Unhappy, thirsty hair, to be precise. And it dawns on him that all that yummy exotic fruit and nuts and oils and things would do wonders for frazzled hair. Absolutely.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. That is the name of Tom Redmond’s brainchild. A runaway success of the UK hair market, the product’s won nine awards in only two years. And received praise from, for instance, hard-to-please Vogue UK.

Rather than shouting from the roof tops, Aussie’s climb is a word-of-mouth story. The secret passed on from those in the know to those not yet converted. But now they are. These days the 3MM is no less than a moisturising conditioner star in Britain.’
Read more on the original Aussie website

A couple of months ago I read an article about a brand named Aussie, which produces hair products of natural ingredients. Their philosophy"There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start". I think this will be my future slogan too (: . Now Aussie is also available in The Netherlands. Wow, I was really happy when I heard that . My mother bought me the Aussie 3 minute miracle colour mask, the miracle moist shampoo and the miracle moist conditioner for Christmas. And I actually LOVE it!
My hair is blond and very vulnerable. Because of these products my hair shines. And finally I can call my hair healthy again. I think you can really feel and see the difference between the use of hair products bases on natural ingredients, or products based on chemical substances. And maybe I’m a little bit like a hippy or something (this is how my boyfriend calls me when I talk about natural things) but I’m just really obsessed with beautiful, long, soft and shiny hair. And it’s important for me to keep it (my hair, my baby, my lover, my almost everything) healthy. Conclusion: I’m very pleased with this AMAZING brand and I highly recommend it!