Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day after

For the party people here..Just saying.

Wake up.. throw up..headache.. oh no.. hangover!
But what exactly is a fucking hangover?
Well, we know hangover as the popular comedy movie of a couple stupid guys not knowing what they did last night and one of them is missing a tooth, and as the bad familiar effect after a night of taking lots and lots  of alcohol.

-headache (the worst)
-idiosyncrasy  of external incentives
And of course weariness.

To avoid symptoms like this after your amazing night out, just drink a lot of liquid. Especially water. Really, it helps! Not only at the end of the night, but also during the night. Otherwise it's too late because you already have been to the toilet for twenty times or more.

'What do I have to do, when I did not listen to you (or I just didn't read this at all) and last night i drank too much, and right now I'm throwing up every ten minutes?' Yeah, well, that's really fucked up for you girl. But don't bother, just drink the amazing and magical liquid: water. It also helps to fight against your big enemy the hangover, and those rather difficult  symptoms will be reduced. Or you can lay in bed the whole day with your headache, just like me. Just enjoy the night and party as hard as you can!

Yesterday I went out for the first time in months in my home town (only when you have ever been here you know why this was only the first time in months). So I need an energyboost right now.
Tell me, what's your favorite place to party?


  1. Thank god heb ik nooit last van een kater. Maar oke, afkloppen dit kan natuurlijk nog wel eens gaan komen. Het maakt mij niet zo zeer uit waar ik (in de steden) stap zolang het maar gezellig is. :)