Saturday, January 28, 2012

How useful is complaining?

Life seems to be so hard when you hear all those people complaining about their stupid colleagues on their stupid work. And now they even want to change the schedules while you can't even work on Saturday morning! Shit you also have to pay your phone bill... now you don't have enough money to buy that one cute skirt.
Dude, I hate life.
80% of the people complains about the people who complain. Sad isn't it? Favourite complain topic: the behaviour of your partner, friends or colleagues. Second topic: the behaviour of unknowns like road users. But also physical complaints and being to busy are popular complain topics.

The reason people complain is because it just feels good . It just feels so good to tell the world how hard everything is. And especially when the people around you feel sorry for you and they give you the attention you always wanted. But.. does it solve your problems? The answer is no. Mostly the real reason isn't your irritating collegue. There is some discontent in you and it must find a way out.

Secondly, you don't feel any better of all those nagative thoughts. And the people around you like your friends, family and maybe even your boyfriend, will getting tired of listening to you. Just think of that teacher of yours, he complains about almost everything. Beware that complain is not getting a habit. Before you now it, nobody will ever listen to you anymore.

So people, just STOP complain and START thinking of all those nice things that happen around you.
It'll make you a lot happier more fun.

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