Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you ever.... lost your cat? If so, you know this horrible feeling.
My cat is my best friend. And when I woke up this morning he wasn't in his basket like every morning. I missed him all day. After supper my mother and I went looking for him outside and yelling his name like crazy on the streets.  People looked at us like omg those people are talking to themselves with strange voices, like how you talking to your animals, those kind of voices.
But I didn't fucking care because I had to find my cat. And suddenly... *miaow* There was my baby! My everything! Siepie!  He was hiding under a trailer, scared of the traffic. I took him home and now I never let him go outside anymore.... at least the first 24 hours.

There are cats on this globe who even find their home back from abroad, but not this one. Maybe I have to write a book about him and all the times he scared the hell out of us. 


  1. Dat is inderdaad schrikken! Gelukkig heb je hem terug. Ik ben ook gek op katteb, al heb ik er helaas niet zelf een. Maar dat komt nog. Ik heb wel eens samen met een vriendin naar har kat gezocht. Mensen denken dan echt dat je gek bent als je zo over straat roept. Echt super stom! Helaas werden we later gebeld door de dierenarts dat het katje was gevonden maar aan was gereden en overleden was :(

  2. meow, how cute he is. I have a cat too and I know what it is like, when they stray for a while. But they always come back. My tomcat went out for 5 days, and when he came back he fell in my bed, totally exhausted and slept for almost 18 hours. Then it was "feed me, hug me" - time.... and off he was again. But he returned every day since that.