Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi guys,
How are you?

Today was the first time I went to the hairdresser here in New Zealand. It was a quite ‘cheap’ one, the cheapest one that I could find actually. It was a bit odd, cause the woman didn’t sprayed any water in my hair. She just started to cut my hair while it was dry (and wavy). It looks quite good though, but I hope she has cut it straight.. also when It’s wet. We'll see.. brrr.
So because I also wanted to dye my hair, I asked my backpacker friend to get some John Frieda Foam from Australia because I couldn't find the dye here in New Zealand, and he did. So when I have dyed my hair it looks all fresh and blonde again, finally!
The ends were all super dry and dead, even when I used the Bodyshop hair butter.
Really guys, I feel much better now my hair has been cut. I wish I had a proper camera (and the money to buy one) to make quality pictures for my blog. Right now I'm using my reliable Samsung Galaxy S3.
It was great to have a morning off work (the children) today. They both went to their friends, so finally I had some time to relax. They aren’t the easiest ones..
When I have finished work 1 february, my backpacker friends and I are going on a roadtrip trough the whole North Island of New Zealand, and probably the South Island as well.
My boyfriend comes over in March, so I’m really excited to see him!

As it’s really warm, sunny and humid here in New-Zealand (especially Auckland), I received heaps and heaps of picture’s with snow from my family in Holland. Is it really such cold and snowy weather on the northern Hemisphere? 
webcam shot before haircut

Next time I'll do a review about the John Frieda Foam shade 10N, which is extra light natural blonde.
Do any of you have any experience with this hairdye?



  1. Hi!!!
    I'm from Australia, loving your blog
    Would be so cool if you could check out my blog and follow.. I'm following you xx

  2. yaaaaay blonde :D do a review on the dye, I would be interested :) xx

  3. Your hair is so gorgeous!