Thursday, July 05, 2012

Outfit: airy but neat

When it’s summer in the Netherlands, there’s sun if we’re lucky. But there’s no pleasant windchill. It’s around 27 degrees, very muggy and you can barely do any activities. Well, at least I can’t do them. With this kind of weather you rather walk naked than with lots of clothes. So today I wear my black short with an airy shirt. Perfect for this muggy weather. I keep it neat to combine it with golden accessories, like my new golden earrings (see this post) and brown belt with gold buckle.

Shirt = Boutique €15,00
Short = Pieces €10,00

Shoes = Boutique €10,00
Earrings = Primark €2,00
Hope the weather is more pleasant with you guys.


  1. i love the simplicity of this outfit!


  2. such a cute outfit :) like your shoes and your blog is very cute :*


  3. Sweetie be glad you don't live in Texas. It's been over 100 degrees every day this week and raining. It's humid and hot!

  4. You look amazing and love the all black ensemble with the touch of animal print :)
    You have a lovely blog :)I would appreciate it if you could take the time to visit my little blog at and let me know if you would like us to follow each other :)