Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion: pink checked

Hey dolls,
So last week -after a few months waiting- I finally received my order from the H&M! I ordered a pink checkered blouse and two trousers which I highly needed. I didn't knew I would love the blouse so much like I do now. It's so comfy, the fabric feels very soft. So, I decided to show you guys my new acquisition! Love it so much but I think it's too hot to wear it this summer. But what happened with the H&M? Why do they deliver their orders as late as this? Nah, I really love the H&M but I think I won't order something via the webshop anymore. Next time I just visit the store. And the Primark, of course. Still have two weeks to go and then my finals are finally over! And then: work work work, and shop till I drop. What about you guys?