Friday, May 11, 2012

ISO straighteners

I fell in love with these straighteners when my friend came to my house to show her new acquisition.
She bought one with tiger print and even though she said it was a steam straightener (because smoke is coming off the device..) while it wasn't, it worked great. The fun thing about this little bit expensive ISO straighteners: you can buy them in almost any color you want, and there are also several prints.
ISO also sells things like curling tongs and hairdryers in any color you wish, you definitely should visit their webshop.  (for dutch click here)
The ISO hairstyle products not only look good, the quality is worth a compliment! I used my friend her straightener several times and every time I fall in love again. In the Netherlands they sell these straighteners on the airport in Amsterdam, so when I'm on my way to the airplane to New-Zealand I'm going to do a quick buy at the ISO shop.


  1. Wow, looks very stylish :D hrrr ;)

  2. Cute!!

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