Thursday, December 01, 2011

Musthaves: striking top 5.

Ofcourse you also want to look classy this winter, that's why I put together this top 5 for you.
(Maybe this look taste like shit to you, not my problem.) Go ahead and take a look to this classy, sexy and colorful TOP 5.

Musthave 1: The pink blazer.
This candylike (I probably wouldn't eat though) pink blazer where you get used to first, actually is a really musthave these days. Winter colors are usually dark, like brown, green, orange and black. But things changed. This season winter colors exist of bright colors, like this blazer. You will stand out between all those bored autumncolordressed human beings for sure. Also the red colored blazer is doing well among (the fashionable) girls. I recommend this one!

Musthave 2: Feather earrings
You see them everywhere: feathers. Earrings, neckless, extensions, all with feathers and you can gain them everywhere. Also a colorful example. It makes me smile again.

Musthave 3: The sailor hat
For this one you need courage to wear it. And not only to wear it at home on your room when nobody sees, also at school and awesome party's. How brilliant would it be if you walk in a club with this cap and the rest of the people are dressed... without a cap. Well.. cool isn't it?

Musthave 4: Pink lips
Take Nicki Minaj, pink lips everywhere (pink hair too by the way if you didn't noticed).
Pink is hot again, and even brighter than the pink color in this example. Pink lipstick makes you feel sexy and look fresh and feminine. Maybe you get the British accent too (exept if you already have it).

Musthave 5: The black glasses
Now you can do what you always wanted to do: wear glasses... without the glasses!
It isn't weard of nerdy anymore to wear hudge black glasses (It isn't that sexy anymore if we see ourselves back about ten year on pictures where the glasses covered your whole face) and especially the Ray Ban is the number one right now.
But for now: enjoy! 

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