Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Must have: top 5 android apps

Top 5 applications for your android smartphone you must have.

1.            Wordfeut (FREE)
Bert Heussen IT

Suddenly everyone played Wordfeut, so I thought I should download it too. Wordfeut ad me, the first days I was playing Wordfeut all the time.

Wordfeut is a fun multiplayer game where you must create and place words on the board and earn points for placing letters on the high score Double letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word.  
Also available for Iphone.

2.            WhatsApp Messenger (FREE)

I personally highly recommend this one! You’ll save a lot of money if you use WhatsApp Messenger instead of sending normal text messages.

WhatsApp is also available for Blackberry, Iphone, Windows Phone, and Nokia phones. You can join group chats, send images, videos, and Voice notes to your contacts and more.

3.            Angry Birds (FREE)

Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' fortresses! I recommend this one on fast smartpones cause mine isn’t fast at all and then it is just not fun to play.  

Angry Birds is fun to play because of the many different episodes.  Warning: playing Angry Birds can make you addicted to it. You can also download Angry Birds Rio and Seasons.

4.            Shazam (FREE)

Imagine: you are shopping and try to fit those lovely shoes with enormous heels. Suddenly, you’re hearing that fucking awesome unknown song where you wanted to know the name of for like two weeks. Well, take your smartphone out of your pocket, start Shazam and you are finished!

Shazam identified music immediately so tag as much as you want to! You can buy the music that you’ve indentified in your tag list. I also use it to remember music I like and download it on my Vaio

5.            Sexy Time – Vibrator (FREE)

Guess what I just found. A vibrator on your smartphone! Well.. it’s a bit strange. Honestly  I don’t really know what to think about this… Little strange but hey, It’s to you all to try!

Whether you're in the mood for something intense like the "Washing Machine" or possibly something more gentle, like the "Fluffy Bunny" this app has it. Also there is music and themes included.

Well girls (or.. maybe boys)  enjoy!

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