Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tips to make you feel better

Ofcourse, on the internet you can find hundreds of pages with advice of 'how to live your life' and 'Feel happy in ten days'. This is not the way i'm going to do it. Because I already have been trough a lot the last couple of years and with my experience I want to help if you feel down. For clarity: i'm not a psychologist and i'm alsno not God. Oh and people, if you understand none of what i'm saying, send me a message. Comments are welcome. Even I can use some advice sometimes.

If you feel down:
-You should always have a goal in sight. This helps you easier to working towards it.
-Do not become lonely. Ofcourse you have to make some time for yourself, but also allow yourself a fun time with friends. Don't say no all the time. Say yes for a change.

-Keep talking to the people around you, especially your loved ones. Talk till you drop
-If you have a lover, don't be with him all the time. Yes, boyfriends needs some attention and kisses, but really girl don't let your friends down. They notice it fast enough if you and your boyfriend break up and suddenly you want to see your friends again. Also, having fun with your girls and act crazy can help to make you feel better.

-If you've been trough something bad, you really have to allow yourself to talk about it, think about it and don't put your thoughts aside. Also don't feel stupid about how you feel.

-In these situations you get to know your best friends. Sometimes this isn't fun, but it also has positive aspects. If it happens that you lost a friend, please don't walk after her and lick her ass.(That's how we say it in Dutch.)
-Hug your pets.

-Don't give up. Life goes on, get a job and get to learn new people
-Listen to your favourite music and remember amazing moments.
-Save some money so that you can buy yourself a present.


No, not like this. Do it like the second picture. Go ahead and smile!

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