Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This morning I walked into school and my first thought was: 'Oh my god, what have I done?'
You know, I think every girl wanst to be a trendsetter, that people are jealous at your clothes and they are going to wear the exact same outfit. But today I wasn't that proud at myself as a trendsetter.
Because.. I LOVE animals. They are just so cute and innocent. Two years ago I bought myself a jacket with a hudge enormous big fur collar on it. I hoped It wasn't real fur. Thought maybe fur was a little more.. expensive. Now winter has come, I started to wear this jacket again.  I walked into school and felt classy and sexy. Girls laughed at my jacket because my fur was complete the whole schoolyard. People almost had to walk around me. Every time I weared this thug jacket, I realised it wasn't fake fur and I began to feel guilty. Also the fur really felt like my cats who I really love. They are like my babies. I decided to take off the animal of my jacket forever. Yes, that feels good. Animal lover.
But then... when I walked into school this morning..
It was unbelievable. Almost every girl who looks like a sort of barbie and even wants to look more like the doll, weared a hudge fucking big fur on their jacket! I have never felt more guilte before.
Ok... it doesn't look exactly like this. Damn you barely can see her face trough that hole.
But this is how it looks like in my thoughts. Just nothing else but fur. And.. that white cocoon curtain around her body. HUDGEEEE. Now, the only solution is to wear something else hudge big and thug which is not made of an innocent creature. Ideas?
The worst of all is when I asked girls why they wear fur and if they feel guilty about it. The answer was clear: 'Guilty? How can you ever feel guilty about it? Its dead already so that's a reason to wear it.'
I couldn't believe what I heared. Stupid sluts. Yes, I weared one to but I also felt bad and guilty about it all the time! I'm not as numb as they are.
Cats and dogs and birds and every other animal in the world are worth as much as we are. They have as much right to be here as we do!
Another wise lesson.


  1. If it was cheap it probably wasn't real fur. I have lots of fake fur, it's fun and its not bad towards any animals.