Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a little introduction

Good afternoon people (at least for me it's afternoon. maybe some of you are still sleeping or ..something like that)

Hurray for the very first time I've started a blog! (beside a horrible Winx elves whatever blog which I made when I was like eight years old)
Ever since I was a child I did have fun writing. Writing in your diary about how stupid your mother is that you are not allowed to chatting with your friends anymore that day. And that you have to stay home to do your homework because the teacher called to say how bad your grades were.
And the mistake that you made to left your diary on the table in the livin room so that your lovely mother can read all the feeling that you expressed on that simple white paper (or pink with hearts and flowers and glitters like mine at that time).

Anyway, two things that you have to know about me before you read my hundreds of topics:
-I suffer from a wonderful thing. That thing ensures that you can get bad grades. It also ensures that you lose your keys like almost every day! You're searching under your bed, on the kitchen table (?), everywere! You are searching for hours but in the end... they were in your hand.. all the fucking time.
Another example and one of the most striking feature of the 'thing' were i'm suffering from:
It all begins in your bedroom. Or living room. Or wherever you want it to start. You are finally doing your homework, BUT... you need a pencil sharpener (I say this right?). So, you walk to your bedroom to get it. On the way to your bedroom, you see that the trash needs to be emptied. You take the trash can, and empty it outside. 'Fuck' you think. 'I also have to let the dog out.' You walk to the belt for your dog. But then, you see like then jackets on the floor, including your new one! As quick as you can you clean up the mess. On your way to the kitchen, you also see....... and in the end, you get the pencil sharpener and continue your homework (even though it's almost bedtime).
Are you already know the 'thing'? Right! The thing is called 'ADD'.  Attention Deficit Disorder. Sometimes it can be funny too.

-Second thing you have to know.. (I have to hurry up now, have to work!) and which you already noticed.. I'm not English. No, no I'm not. I'm just an ordinary Dutch girl who goes to school on clumps and smoke weed everyday. Just a joke and let that be a lesson for all of you: NOT everybody here is smoking weed 24/7. And no, I'm not live in Amsterdam. Also a lesson: not everybody here lives in Amsterdam. It would be great though. Warm and cosy. But no. And the last thing you all have to know is that not all the girls here (like me) are prostitutes. So, non of you can say he has learned nothing today. I hope all of you can just.. accept who I am. Not English.. just a Dutch girl suffering from ADD who have to search her keys everyday. I named this blog 'Call me Sam' because Sanne is just a typical Dutch name. My mum used to call me Sam or Sammy when I was just a little cute girl, and it's easier to pronounce for all the English of you. Not that you have to speak really, you only have to read though. Not that it's a problem or something, you can speak my name out loud if you want. Go ahead and.. do whatever makes you happy.
That was it for today! Really have to go to work now! Have to change clothes and eat something and search my keys and stuff like that.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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