Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Andrélon magnificent straight

I was inspired by my fourteen year old teenage sister to do this review about heat protection for your hair, because she straightens her hair every single day. And I think it's such a waste of her hair, because she got this really thick wavy voluminous hair, so I bought her this product: Andrelon magnificent straight: Heat protection mist. My sister is not satisfied with her hair at all, it's like the straighter the better. I knew she would never stop straightening her hair, so I had to protect it.

To be really honest, I had my doubts about this product and I still have. My sister uses this heat protection every day before straightening her hair, but I just don't think it really works. Her hair still looks very dull (don't let her read this)..
I decided to try this product by myself. Even though I almost never straighten my hair, I had to do it to know if this stuff really worked. I have to say that it smells great but for me it just didn work. I prefer to just not straighten my hair, to avoid annoying dead ends and dull/dry hair and that's also my advice to you guys. Since I stopped with punishing my hair and I began to wash it with Aussie (I know, I'm a big fan) my big hudge fluff ball on my head has turned into soft, healthy looking hair.

So guys, take care of your hair and don't punish it too much. If you decide that you're going to punish it, use this heat protection before doing it. This product cost me €4,79 ($6,07). 

Andrélon magnificent straight
-Helps to protect your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and / or straightener.
-Extra care
-Hair that remains in optimum condition.

With love, ex-fluff ball


  1. lust auf ine blogvorstellung :)?
    wenn ja schau doch mal vorbei :)♥

    xoxo carolin!♥

  2. Love your blog and you are so pretty !

    Lulu, singapore

  3. Ik gebruik de Loreal in de roze spuit flakon, maar ik ben gestopt met stijlen omdat het zomervakantie is haha. Leuke blog