Saturday, June 30, 2012

Party last night

Graduation means: lots of partys
So last night I went to the graduationparty of my 'old' classmate, and it was so much fun. Although it's hard to control the alcohol after such a long time 'non-drinking', everyone was having fun and I felt myself fresh and good in my new outfit, except.. the day after. I'm pretty tired right now. I still have no plans for tonight, all I know is that the sun is shining! Wow! It's a miracle.
Can't wait to hear all your party stories!


  1. Love your hair :)
    Haha, I know that..if I don't drink alcohol for a long time, I become drunken after one drink :D

    1. Thankyouuu <3 Haha yeah same story. That's why I got a hangover right now :(

  2. you look soo pretty <33

    i dyed my extensions pink, not my real hair :D but i still have them, yes :)