Thursday, June 21, 2012

No work today, please

Hey girls,

When I woke up I had a plan: no work today, I thought. I still had to settle lots of things for New-Zealand, so I decided to skip work today and to do some stuff! And I did. Now I'm tired and I sit on the couch with a headache. I already woke up at half past 5 in the morning *yawn*.
So first I had to go to the Doctor to arrange a statement for my medication, and I still had to apply for a passport -because my parents never had got the idea to go on holiday to a 'far away country'-. So this is going  to be my first passport, and my first time flying.. wish me luck in November.
My boyfriend feels really sad that he can't see me for 12 months.. I think that's going to be the hardest thing to do: to leave my friends, family and boyfriend for such a long time. I still have to apply for a working holiday visa. There are so many things I have to do which I never thought that I would ever need to do! And stuff like health insurance, and that when I leave Holland for longer than eight months I'm officially not longer a resident of the Netherlands, so then I'm actually nothing..
But I'll spare you the details of everything I did today for New-Zealand.

After the pretty tiresome stuff, I went to the local shopping center with the car to relax a little bit. I was looking for some MAC make-up, but they hardly sell it at here, so I have to go to Amsterdam to buy my almost new obsession. Well, things can be worse. Amsterdam is a lovely city and perfect for a shopping-day, so I'm not complaining at all!

Actually, I have to work today from 6 to 9. Only 3 hours, I think I can handle that! The Aquarius sports drink has to help to keep me awake!
Oh, and some people asked if it was my wallpaper on my previous post, and yes it is. I have a 'woodsy' bedroom, so it's decorated in this theme, and very soothing indeed!


  1. Hey, I just recently started reading your blog and read about your trip to New Zealand. Its so weird because im from New Zealand and live in England now with my husband and bunny. I miss home SO much and I miss all of my friends and family and the lovely kiwi lifestyle. You'll love it over there!!! Make sure you post pics of your trip!! xx

  2. Lovely blog! Your photos are amazing

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  3. Just letting you know I've tagged you with the Liebster blog award - see my post here for all the info! Can't wait to see your post!


  4. great pictures and good luck with your move to New Zealand ;)