Monday, March 12, 2012

Hair: Henna for your hair

It looks weird and the smell isn't that great either (I think), but I still like it more than regular hair dye.
Hair dye usually contains ammonia which damage your hair after each dye job. Your hair can look dry and dull after a while, and that's not the intention! Most people use henna to dye their hair red, but you can use it for other colors too.

Last week I spoke to a girl who dyed her hair with henna, a natural product which you can also use for your hair (henna hair powder). I thought it was really gorgeous. She used a dark brown color with a little red glow. Henna gives much dept, intention and shine to your hair and even protects your hair from bad influences. You can also use transparent henna, which is mostly used by blonde's to give their hair a boost.

My sister dyed her hair with this natural miracle today. This was the first time I used henna and I had no idea what to expect. It's like you spread a sludge of weed in someones hair, can't believe what I saw. We mixed black and maroon together and it looks gorgeous on her. So much shine and dept, but she wants it even darker though. Sigh. She's never satisfied!
You can apply henna on hair which is already dyed (with other stuff), but it isn't such a good idea to apply no-henna hair dye on your hair after it.

Well, I'm happy with this product. Now your turn to try!


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  2. ahhh jakkie, dit gebruikte de vriendin van me vader het doet me denken aan vieze spinazie hahahahah