Friday, March 23, 2012

Dream about New-Zealand

Last night I dreamed that I was in New Zealand. I'm so exited to go to there, especially now the sun shines every day.
I've never flown in an airplane before.. October is going to be my first time. And already for 24 hours.
The only places I've been to are Spain, Germany, France and Belgium. My neighbour countries.
I'm a little scared too, I have to talk English with my weird Dutch accent (believe me, Dutch people talking English is the weirdest accent ever). And what if I don't met any people of my age. Then I'm alone for 6/12 months! Wehhh.
I'm glad that I'm going to work there, so I have something to do and I can earn some money too.
Maybe I buy a little car to drive trough the country. And my aunt and uncle have a pool in their garden, so finally I can give my skin some tan (which is almost impossible. When I came back from Spain people asked me if I really have been on summer vacation).  

And how are the boys in New-Zealand? Haha! Every girl would like to know that right?
The difference between New-Zealand and The Netherlands is, everything goes really fast here. Work work work work school school school, everyone is busy in the Netherlands. And if someone dies, like someone of your family or whatever, life goes on immediately and you barely have time to realize it. And when people retire, they suddenly have lots and lots of free time And then all the stuff they been trough comes up. So I'm scared of that too when I'm going to New-Zealand. So much free time, so much time to think about things I been trough..
I always push away those sad feelings, because I don't want to feel sad or anything like that anymore. I want to be happy (and I am). So yeah.. I'm not going to New-Zealand to enjoy the  nice weather (OK, that's a bit of a lie), the most important thing why I'm going to the other side of the world, is to discover myself. To discover who I really am. To be on my own, to improve my responsibility.
And maybe it's good to think about what happened in my life, so I can give it a spot and move on.

Another thing I love about New-Zealand, is the care for the environments and the animals. I do really care about those things to, but here it's all about the money. Stupid humans.

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