Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Tips to keep your hair healthy

I did research for years and years to learn everything about how to keep your hair healthy.
OK, I didn't. But I have lots of
experience because of my obsession with hair. My hair is my baby and so I take good care of it. Sounds pathetic does it?

1. Eat healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This way you get lots and lots of healthy vitamins and minerals. You can also buy vitamins especially to strengthen your hair and nails.) This isn't only good for your hair, also your nails and skin will refurbish of it (and of course fruit and vegetables contains anti-oxidants which helps to protect your body against diseases like cancer.) Your hair will be much stronger and your body too.
2. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Personally I prefer natural hair products (I use coconut), which mostly do not contain silicons, sulfates and parabens. These (and more) ingredients are very bad for your hair, and even for your scalp. I advise you to go google these ingredients and learn more about it.
When I started using natural products, my hair is so much more healthier!

3. After washing your hair, the best way to dry it is to wrap it in a towel. So, not rub it dry. Leave the towel for five minutes and then just let it dry in fresh air. Don't brush your hair when it's still wet. This will break your hair.

4. Take a regular visit to the hairdresser. There are no products which ensure that you no longer have split ends. Well, they are for sale but they don't work. (Of course! You can't help hair ends which are already split. That's bullshit.)
Advice hairdresser: visit hairdresser every 6 weeks.
Advice me             : visit hairdresser every 8 weeks if you want to grow your hair long. You know how those hairdressers are.

5. Determine your hair structure. Thin hair needs more care than thick hair does, thin hair breaks much easier. Now you can buy the right (natural!) products for your hair.
6. Beware of hair style products such as a hair dryer or straightener. This dries out your hair making it even easier to break. Products that 'protect' against the heat are nonsense. It might help a bit, but with temperatures like that your hair will lose the game. Just avoid style products like this and accept your hair the way it is.
7. Thin hairbands are better for your hair than thick ones.
8. Put your hair in a ponytail when you go to sleep, so it's held together so that it breaks less rapidly.

I'm getting tired and google translate hates me.
And my English sentences are weird.
9. Don't dye your hair that much. If you want to lighten it up (or darken it), you can apply highlights (lowlights). If you dye your hair brown you can use henna (natural product of course!) which is even healthy for your hair. See my recent post: henna for your hair.
10. Talk to your hair like it's your baby and even give it a name. Now it will grow faster.