Friday, April 27, 2012

My favourite vlogs

If there's one thing I find important it's humor. Always keep smiling, right? That makes everything more fun. Therefore I follow a number of Vloggers on Youtube where I can really laugh about. Maybe, Maybe, sometime in the future, I make a vlog. But I'm not really sure if I'm talented like these 'guys'.

1. Jenna Mourey (Marbles). Blogger and Vlogger. She's the funniest girl I've ever seen. The thing about her is that she's gorgeous and she's not afraid to embarrass herself. You must understand her humor, and guess what, I do. She's awesome. Her most recent video is the one above. 

2. Ryan Higa. I found him recently on a website about popular Vloggers, and now I'm totally in love with his videos. He's so funny. Sometimes his videos are a bit too 'jazzy' because of his ADHD, but I think that's where his creativity comes from.

3. Chester See. Actor and singer. I got this video of Ryan's Youtube Profile, they often make videos together and with some other friends (also vloggers) of them. They are also really funny and you should really watch their videos! Chester has an amazing voice, I can hardly believe that he is not more popular than he is now. And it's not bad to look at him at all. :)

Also take a look at:
Dominic Sandoval (D-Trix)
Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla (Smosh)

Damian Sanders (Makemebad35)


  1. i just lmao with jenna marbles video, she's so funny! have you watched that one called What girls do on the internet? that made my day ahaha x)
    thanks for sharing, you look beautifull on your picture at the right side btw :3

    Love * Monstros no Armário

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    1. Yeahh I think I watched all her videos! And yes, that one is really funny! i love her video landshark. My friends and I sang the song all day long on school. Thanks for the compliment, that's so sweet of you! And thanks for your comment <3

  2. Wat een leuke vloggers haha! Als ik mij eigen verveel struis ik youtube ook altijd af naar leuke filmpjes, maar favorieten heb ik niet. ;p

  3. Hey! I've just started to follow you and these videos look great!! I will have to check them out on youtube!! I have just started my blog recently, so its still only a baby haha! Please come and have a look :)

    ooo and I just love your cats!! I'm going to be doing a post soon on my wee cats (they are totally my babies too!!) so you should keep your eye out for that :)

    Jen xxx

  4. hi i'm just found your blog! nice.. new follower :)

  5. I love laughing and I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

    Much Love.

  6. Jenna Marbles en Ryan Higa zijn echt te gek haha.
    Ik vind zelf mychonny en kevjumba ook heel erg leuk! :-)

    1. Ik zal snel even naar mychonny en kevjumba kijken ben benieuwd!