Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I see fairy tales...

Because I'm in my final school year there must be a party to be given. Next week we have our, as we call it: 'exam stunt'. The idea of organising an exam stunt is to set up a course in the schoolyard for the non-graduating students. They must follow this course to entry the school, because the course leads to the entrance. Last year they were sprayed with water pistols and water balloons. They were completely soaked while they even had to go to class. So this year is our turn to bully first graders.
In addition to bully non-graduating students, we are also going to dress up as something that fits the theme. This year's theme is: Red, Retarded and Extremely Dangerous. Today we visited a costume store to find a nice costume for our group. It was such a big store! The whole idea of an exam stunt is to drink alcohol, have some fun and smile! Oh, and bully non-graduating students of course! :)

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