Wednesday, April 04, 2012

AD(H)D.. Hey look! A butterfly!

Most of you know what ADHD is. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But do you know ADD?
.... wuuu exciting!

Some of you will quit reading this post because of this subject, but for me and others who have to life with this 'mental disorder' (fuck I hate that word) it's interesting though.
I'll describe ADD as ADHD without the H. Just.. no concentration at all, chaotic and stuff.
When I found out I had ADD it was such a relieve. Everything fell into place and then I knew that there was a reason for always lose my keys and jewellery. Also on school I was disorganized and I daydreamed a lot. My teachers were often mad at me because of my inattention. And I taught it was so unfair because I couldn't do anything about it! It just happened!

I was 16 years old when I found out I had ADD. I was talking with a guy who had ADD (I'm not going to say 'suffered' that's stupid) while I didn't now he had. We had such a good talk! I didn't had such a good talk with anyone before, like we were on one line. (Don't know if that's a good sentence, but in Holland we say it like this.)  After our talk he asked me if I had ADD. I never heard of it before, so I started to Google, and O M G. When I found the list with characteristics of ADD I couldn't believe what I saw. ME, written on a website! This explained everything. And it sounds weird, but I was so so so happy. Finally, I knew why I did things like I did them.

After that, I went to my psychologist with this discovery who also said: 'This explains a lot!'
Now I take medicine for my concentration and I went to a higher school level.
*Google* I went from: UK GCSE's At C level / US 10th Grade to: UK GCSE's at A level / US 11th Grade and after my long trip to New-Zealand I'm going to the University of Professional Education.
Fuck my teacher! I knew I wasn't stupid at all! He said I wasn't able to do the first level I mentioned at all!
Questions and stuff: contact me!

How do you recognize ADD:
-You always lose your keys
-Mood swings
-Disorganized and forgetful
-Often daydreams
-Often flooded with emotions
-Humor and intelligent (fuck yeah)
-Television and radio are always on
-Difficulties in finishing details
-Too many thoughts / philosophical
-Sensitive / Emotional / Overcast
-Many creative talent
-Often a math, writing or reading disorder
-Perfectionist in contrast with chaos
-Empathy and social
-Few friends but socially relevant
-Comes regularly too late
-Wanders off in mind when listening
-Avoiding cleanup chores
-Let everything wait until the last moment
-Assertive but insecure about yourself
-Great passion when interested
...And more!

There are positive and negative aspects of ADD. You should look for some information on the internet to find out more about how to life with ADD! It's not as horrible as it looks. You are still you!

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  1. aw so kool you talked about this. I studied this in psychology and it doesn't affect intelligence for f*ck your teachers big time :)